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A heterozygous condition in which both alleles at a gene locus are fully expressed in the phenotype.
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Generally, the SSR markers are considered very useful in the determination of genetic diversity among the varieties and even genotypes because of their codominance. The SSR markers already proven their usefulness in sugarcane were used to evaluate the suitability of these markersto identify the genetically diverse genotypes form the material under investigation.
Galluzzo et al., "Codominance of Lactobacillus plantarum and obligate heterofermentative lactic acid bacteria during sourdough fermentation," Food Microbiology, vol.
SSR, also known as microsatellite, is most widely used in the study of genetic diversity of aquatic plants due to its high abundance, high variability, and codominance. For example, SSR analysis of an aquatic macrophyte Sparganium emersum revealed significant genotypic diversity between populations in two rivers, the Swalm and Rur.
The EST-SSR not only shares the similar advantages as genome SSR marker such as high polymorphism, codominance, and good repeatability, but also possesses good generality between species [6-14].
Two classification logistic regression analyses suggested that the dominant model and the codominance model were both significant ([P.sub.adjusted] < 0.05) after the adjustment for age, and the adjusted degree of dominance ([h.sub.adjusted]) was less than -1 ([absolute value of h] > 1 indicates that the phenotype of heterozygotes lies outside the phenotypical range of both homozygotes).
Considering a codominance genetic inheritance model, the presence of the genotypes affected athletic performance, being more frequent in the IP subgroup for five polymorphisms.
Multiple factors could have contributed to the high incidence of rare homozygotes, limited genetic diversity, predominance of NY haplotypes in a single small clade (C2-1), and codominance of mtDNA haplotypes H2 and H3 seen in the NY bay scallops.
Codominance by cotton rats and pygmy mice at Leonhardt Prairie has been a longstanding condition, as revealed by extensive field study during the 1980s (R.
Several advantages in using microsatellites include: a) locus specificity, b) codominance, which allows separation of heterozygotes from homozygotes, c) high variability, which provides a wealth of information at finer scales than possible with other markers, and d) usefulness in detecting recent demographic events.