coefficient of drag

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Noun1.coefficient of drag - the ratio of the drag on a body moving through air to the product of the velocity and the surface area of the body
coefficient - a constant number that serves as a measure of some property or characteristic
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Altima has also improved in its coefficient of drag - to 0.
Sleek profile, the highly sculptured exterior plus considerable underbody paneling allows it to have the lowest coefficient of drag ever by a production vehicle in the world at 0.
It gets 5-spoke 16-inch alloy wheels, and gets the new rigid body with improved durability, reduced coefficient of drag for improved stability, McPherson strut front suspension, coupled torsion beam axle with vertical absorbers and hydraulic rebound control for enhanced ride comfort.
As is expected, the Ioniq Hybrid and the Plug-in Hybrid have plenty of things in common, though it is worth noting that the fundamental vehicles for all three are the same, and all have an impressive coefficient of drag of just 0.
31 coefficient of drag, lower curb weight than the previous generation and efficiency improvements to its powertrain.
You can see the styling for yourself, but what you can't see is a coefficient of drag of 0.
You can see the styling for yourself but what you can't see is a coefficient of drag of 0.
And Mercedes claims fuel efficiency of close to 18kmpl, which is no doubt aided by the great coefficient of drag that at 0.
Smart aerodynamic engineering helps create a low coefficient of drag in the segment which aids in the Sunny's fuel economy.
min] represents the lowest limit of the coefficient of drag characteristics of each pipe section in the pipe network vector, Pa x [h.
Taillights have been reshaped to reduce turbulence at the rear, helping to create a lower coefficient of drag.

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