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Noun1.coelogyne - any of various orchids of the genus Coelogyne with: clusters of fragrant lacy snow-white flowerscoelogyne - any of various orchids of the genus Coelogyne with: clusters of fragrant lacy snow-white flowers; salmon-pink solitary flowers; chainlike racemes of topaz and chocolate brown flowers; spikes of delicate white spice-scented flowers; emerald green flowers marked with blue-black
orchid, orchidaceous plant - any of numerous plants of the orchid family usually having flowers of unusual shapes and beautiful colors
genus Coelogyne - large diverse genus of tropical Asiatic epiphytic orchids
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It worked, with spellers knocked out by head-spinning words such as Wundtian, coelogyne and yertchuk.
(8) successfully germinated the seeds of Coelogyne nervosa by co-culturing with Epulorhiza sp.
Coelogyne cristata Lindley (CC) family Orchidaceae is an Indian medicinal plant used for the treatment of fractured bones in folk-tradition of Kumaon region, Uttarakhand, India.
(2011), quienes afirmaron que la adicion de componentes organicos al medio de cultivo ejerce un efecto benefico en la germinacion y el desarrollo de tejidos celulares, formando plantulas de Coelogyne ovalis y Grammatophyllum scriptum.
Bulbophyllum andersonii, Coelogyne fimbriata, Cymbidium cyrprefolium, Eria coronaria, Liparis viridiflora, L.
We also found species of high value in international trade from the following genera: Bulbophyllum, Coelogyne, Dendrobium, Dimorphorchis, Grammatophylum, Phalaenopsis, Taenia, Spathoglottis and Vanda.