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The first (mind-body) he describes as the development of 'coenaesthesis', in which we work with a client to build their own awareness of their embodiment, and deepen their experiencing in relation to it (ibid: p 69) (5).
With the cultivation of coenaesthesis, there is more cognitive and experimental space for us to focus on the fatiguing, experiential lag in action in the present.
The two authors have underlined the importance of this balance between thought and movement, between mental and motor activity that leads to an individual feeling of well-being called "positive individual coenaesthesis".
This ambitious philosophical excavation traces the history of a concept that has borne various appellations: the 'common sense' of Aristotle's commentators; the 'inner touch' of the Stoics; the 'interior sense' of Augustine; the 'inner space' of Maine de Biran; and the medical idea of 'coenaesthesis' proposed by eighteenth- and nineteenth-century scientists.
(b) The letters concerned are different Long E coenaesthesis (the vital sense) Long I cytolysin, polyisocyanate Long O dissocioscope