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The Colonel was perhaps unaware that he had coerced his own wife into her grave.
Starbuck's body and Starbuck's coerced will were Ahab's, so long as Ahab kept his magnet at Starbuck's brain; still he knew that for all this the chief mate, in his soul, abhorred his captain's quest, and could he, would joyfully disintegrate himself from it, or even frustrate it.
Ruth was not the sort of girl who is readily coerced. He contented himself with giving her the opportunity to inspect his exhibits.
Brooke could be coerced into thinking of the right arguments at the right time was to be well plied with them till they took up all the room in his brain.
Finding that their secret was out, and that their prisoner was not to be coerced, the two villains with the girl had fled away at a few hours' notice from the furnished house which they had hired, having first, as they thought, taken vengeance both upon the man who had defied and the one who had betrayed them.
The place was last painted or whitewashed beyond the memory of man, and the two chimneys smoke, and there is a loose outer surface of soot evervwhere, and the dull cracked windows in their heavy frames have but one piece of character in them, which is a determination to be always dirty and always shut unless coerced. This accounts for the phenomenon of the weaker of the two usually having a bundle of firewood thrust between its jaws in hot weather.
The Chair of the Margibi Legislative Caucus Representative Ben Fofana, denies rumors that he (Ben Fofana ) coerced or unilaterally masterminded a County Sitting in Monrovia on China Union Social Development Fund and allegedly distributed US$750,000 amongst 'political sectors of interest.'
Proposed class-action lawsuits have been launched against health authorities and the provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan over the coerced sterilization of Indigenous women.
The main defendant in a double murder trial on Monday rescinded claims that he had been coerced by police and that his rights had been violated, which had prompted the court to conduct a trial within a trial.
The new study from the University of Michigan looked at whether children distinguish between willingly given and coerced expressions of remorse.
"MsoNormalMr Peter Mucira Karugumi, who was in charge of the Transport, Roads and Public Works docket, said he was coerced by the governor to sign an undated resignation letter during a Cabinet meeting.
Ameyo dismissed claims in the judgement of PPDT that Osotsi was coerced into resigning.