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The magnetic field intensity needed to reduce the magnetization of a ferromagnetic material from complete saturation to zero, usually measured in teslas.


(General Physics) the magnetic-field strength necessary to demagnetize a ferromagnetic material that is magnetized to saturation. It is measured in amperes per metre. Compare coercive force


(ˌkoʊ ərˈsɪv ɪ ti)

the magnetic intensity needed to reduce to zero the magnetic flux density of a fully magnetized magnetic specimen or to demagnetize a magnet.
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These samples are similar to the free magnetic layer used in magnetoresistive (MR) heads in terms of thickness, magnetization, total moment, intrinsic coercivity, and geometry.
0076 cm, constructed of thin, flexible polyvinyl chloride (pvc) laminate with an aba standard, high coercivity magnetic stripe rated 4000 oersted, capable of operating in temperatures of -50 to 160 f (-45 to 70 c),maximum weight of 0.
5[micro]m or more) compared to these dimensions combined with moderate magnetic coercivity which yields broad written transitions due to the generation of transitions curving into the depth of the magnetic coating and the demagnetizing effect of sizeable opposing magnetic regions.
With the applied field oriented in the [1,1,1] direction relative to the principle axes of the bar, the problem is to calculate the remnant magnetization and coercivity of the bar as a function of the bar width.
Coercivity is defined as the applied magnetic field strength required to reduce the magnetic field in a previously magnetized sample back to zero.
To enable increased bit and track densities, media manufacturers, including Imation, have used increasing coercivity and smaller size metal particulate (MP) pigment particles for every successive generation of tape products.
The coercivity does not change with the filler content, and the saturation magnetization increases linearly with the filler content.
High-coercivity (hi-co) - also called high-energy tape - needs a greater magnetic force to encode the data, ten times that required for low coercivity (lo-co), or low-energy, tape.
Acquisition of 2,500,000 personalized high coercivity magnetic stripe and ID-I format, to issue European health insurance card PVC cards.
In the 1970s, disk drives used hand-wound ferrite core "Monkey Face" heads and 14-inch 300 Oersted coercivity Ferric Oxide media.