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Originating or existing during the same period; lasting through the same era.
One of the same era or period; a contemporary.

[From Late Latin coaevus : co-, co- + aevum, age; see aiw- in Indo-European roots.]

co·e′val·ly adv.
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of or belonging to the same age or generation
a contemporary
[C17: from Late Latin coaevus from Latin co- + aevum age]
coevality n
coˈevally adv
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(koʊˈi vəl)

1. of the same age or duration; equally old: This manuscript is coeval with that one.
2. coincident or contemporaneous.
3. a contemporary.
[1595–1605; < Late Latin coaev(us) (Latin co- co- + -aevus, adj. derivative of aevum age) + -al1]
co•e′val•ly, adv.
syn: See contemporary.
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Noun1.coeval - a person of nearly the same age as another
compeer, equal, peer, match - a person who is of equal standing with another in a group
Adj.1.coeval - of the same period
synchronal, synchronic, synchronous - occurring or existing at the same time or having the same period or phase; "recovery was synchronous with therapy"- Jour.A.M.A.; "a synchronous set of clocks"; "the synchronous action of a bird's wings in flight"; "synchronous oscillations"
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Belonging to the same period of time as another:
One of the same time or age as another:
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A. ADJcoetáneo (with de) → contemporáneo (with de)
B. Ncoetáneo/a m/f, contemporáneo/a m/f
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adjder gleichen Periode or Zeit (with wie); manuscripts, authors etc alsozeitgenössisch attr
nZeitgenosse m
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These structures bear every indication of a very high antiquity and Kory-Kory, who was my authority in all matters of scientific research, gave me to understand that they were coeval with the creation of the world; that the great gods themselves were the builders; and that they would endure until time shall be no more.
An old woman, who seemed coeval with the building, and greatly resembled her whom Chamont mentions in the Orphan, received us at the gate, and in a howl scarce human, and to me unintelligible, welcomed her master home.
They were coeval with the coureurs des bois, or rangers of the woods, already noticed, and, like them, in the intervals of their long, arduous, and laborious expeditions, were prone to pass their time in idleness and revelry about the trading posts or settlements; squandering their hard earnings in heedless conviviality, and rivaling their neighbors, the Indians, in indolent indulgence and an imprudent disregard of the morrow.
It was now that Julia, in some measure accustomed to her proximity to her hero, began to enjoy the beauties of the scenery; her eye dwelt with rapture on each opening glimpse that they caught of the river, and took in its gaze meadows of never-failing verdure, which were beautifully interspersed with elms that seemed coeval with the country itself.
How strange is the life of a fountain!--born at every moment, yet of an age coeval with the rocks, and far surpassing the venerable antiquity of a forest.
Such an eye was not born when the bird was, but is coeval with the sky it reflects.
The scenery was remarkable The chief part of the range was composed of grand, solid, abrupt masses of granite, which appeared as if they had been coeval with the beginning of the world.
A corpulent man, with a fortnight's napkin under his arm, and coeval stockings on his legs, slowly desisted from his occupation of staring down the street, on this question being put to him by Mr.
The Draculas were, says Arminius, a great and noble race, though now and again were scions who were held by their coevals to have had dealings with the Evil One.
His only real coeval competition was Charlie Chaplin, whose star, so bright in life despite all the scandals, has only fallen in recent years as Keaton's has reignited.
When leaf primordia and inflorescence primordia form and develop at the same time they may be termed "coeval" (Fig.
The coeval display of the "opposing" religious symbols in al-Shiyya under the circumstances described above triggers many pertinent questions.