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 (kō′ĕv-ə-lo͞o′shən, -ē-və-)
The process by which two or more interacting species evolve together, each changing as a result of changes in the other or others. It occurs, for example, between predators and prey and between insects and the flowers that they pollinate.

co′ev·o·lu′tion·ar·y adj.
co′e·volve′ (-ĭ-vŏlv′) v.
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vb (intr)
to evolve together
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It is one of a series of clinics to be designed and built over a multi-year project with a straightforward mission: Provide high-quality, affordable and accessible healthcare within adaptable, flexible, and restorative environments and facilities that coevolve people with nature and ultimately help the land and community thrive.
Each of us would coevolve in a manner that would become increasingly symbiotic.
Section 3 establishes a presence for cities as information environment, while Section 4 advances the city as a frame of reference to actions and how they coevolve into systems.
The Cosmicomics depict indeed a porous universe of evanescent thresholds, where beings and matter coevolve through metamorphoses and osmotic exchanges.
In contrast, competition is the norm in today's communications markets, and so the primary questions are: (1) How can industry players coevolve? (7) (2) What processes should be in place to enable disrupters?
Martin FRANSMAN: By an "Innovation Ecosystem" I mean a group of players who through their symbiotic interactions (both cooperative and competitive) make innovation happen and, by so doing, coevolve over time.
The supermassive black hole CID947 is at least 10 times too massive for its host galaxy, raising questions about how closely galaxies and black holes actually coevolve.
Brisbane, Australia, January 21, 2015 --( Coevolve's website won Best in Class in the Consulting category in the 2014 Interactive Media Awards.
(1) Regime complexes and policy coherence coevolve, each adapting to changes in the other.
glauca is an exotic plant, and exotics usually have low defenses against pests because they did not coevolve with them (Parker & Hay 2005).