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intr. & tr.v. co·ex·tend·ed, co·ex·tend·ing, co·ex·tends
To extend or cause to extend through the same space or duration.

co′ex·ten′sion n.
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Noun1.coextension - equality of extension or duration
lengthiness, prolongation, extension - amount or degree or range to which something extends; "the wire has an extension of 50 feet"
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In [8] the authors studied cleft coextension, a dual notion for that of cleft extension, and it was proved that a cleft coextension is isomorphic to a crossed coproduct.
extension [e.g., "moreover"] and enhancement [e.g., "similarly", "therefore", "otherwise"]), which is realized by coextension and coclassification; and intersemiotic deviation, which suggests no relationships between words and image.
Al negar la pertinencia del genero hasta ahora los teoricos democraticos han reforzado la posicion del sexo que es historicamente dominante; al identificar la politica con (una definicion muy particular de) la esfera publica han hecho de la democracia una coextension de las actividades que han estado historicamente asociadas a los hombres.
Timpanaro's point is that whatever progress we may imagine, a gap still exists between a total coextension of humanity and nature that attests to the limitation of the human side.
Lawrence Friedman, for example, explains the external quality of the collectivist impact as a characteristic of contract law, directly related to its coextension with the free market.
This quotation not only confirms the coextension between image and language, but also envisions the interconnectivity among all things, sentient or not.