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Having the same limits, boundaries, or scope.

co′ex·ten′sive·ly adv.


of the same limits or extent
ˌcoexˈtensively adv


(ˌkoʊ ɪkˈstɛn sɪv)

equal or coincident in space, time, or scope.
co`ex•ten′sive•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.coextensive - being of equal extent or scope or duration
commensurate - corresponding in size or degree or extent; "pay should be commensurate with the time worked"


adj (in time) → zur gleichen Zeit; (in area) → flächengleich; (in length) → längengleich; (fig) conceptsbedeutungs- or inhaltsgleich; to be coextensive with somethingmit etw zusammenfallen; (spatially) → sich mit etw decken
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If, on the contrary, Britain had been situated on the continent, and had been compelled, as she would have been, by that situation, to make her military establishments at home coextensive with those of the other great powers of Europe, she, like them, would in all probability be, at this day, a victim to the absolute power of a single man.
The ideas are sometimes described as many, coextensive with the universals of sense and also with the first principles of ethics; or again they are absorbed into the single idea of good, and subordinated to it.
All this is sensible enough but not nearly as exciting as the basic insight that drives the discussion: We can no longer "assume that constitutional limitations [are] coextensive with judicially enforced limitations" (p.
I think the resurrected body is coextensive with the cosmos; it isn't a loss of identity; it's actually like a new hue or a new tone.
These practices include: 1) limiting written disclosures to information contained in official personnel files; 2) limiting oral comments to information that is essentially coextensive with the information contained in official personnel files;(20) 3) affording employees regular and documented feedback on their performance; and 4) affording all employees procedural due process (i.
To a great degree, the readership of History Today is perforce coextensive with the congregation of the Historical Association and/or the pool of recruitment for history courses at the universities and so it seems particularly appropriate to consider in some detail the contents of this volume in these pages.
Elitism, however defined, is of course coextensive with all political and social life.
Until approximately twenty years ago, scholarly journal publication was handled primarily by scholarly societies whose interests were coextensive with those of faculty authors.
Thomas took care, however, not to contradict the venerable Areopagite, and could claim that Goodness is a coextensive aspect of Being (p.
Although the reach of all these statutes is not coextensive, a brief discussion of CERCLA highlights the potentially broad scope of a company's liability under the whole panoply of federal environmental protection statutes.
I agree - just as I agree with Pink's earlier claim (1991) that reasons for A-ing and reasons for intending to A are not coextensive (Mele 1992b).
Karatani's account of the creation of this interiority is circuited through the impact of Christianity in Japan, which is coextensive with the transition from a feudal, plural configuration of power to the centralized authority of modern sovereignty (thus it was largely members of the disenfranchised samurai class that were drawn to Christianity).