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Having the same limits, boundaries, or scope.

co′ex·ten′sive·ly adv.


of the same limits or extent
ˌcoexˈtensively adv


(ˌkoʊ ɪkˈstɛn sɪv)

equal or coincident in space, time, or scope.
co`ex•ten′sive•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.coextensive - being of equal extent or scope or duration
commensurate - corresponding in size or degree or extent; "pay should be commensurate with the time worked"


adj (in time) → zur gleichen Zeit; (in area) → flächengleich; (in length) → längengleich; (fig) conceptsbedeutungs- or inhaltsgleich; to be coextensive with somethingmit etw zusammenfallen; (spatially) → sich mit etw decken
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Article I, section 15 was read coextensively with the Fourth Amendment prior to article I, section 15's amendment.
Under the pressure of Postmodern thinking history and cultures began to be considered in broader and, coextensively, and paradoxically, in more specific terms--we are all citizens of the world, but also existentially "cultural" actors.
32) The problem for Davis, as noted by Judge Bunning, is that Kentucky interprets section 5 of its State Constitution (the religious freedom provision) coextensively with the United States Constitution's Free Exercise Clause jurisprudence.
Coextensively, there was the contradiction between Chen Yi's middle class background--with her modern, Western education--and the working class situation of the Chinese farmers.
discrimination must be read coextensively with the Equal Protection
137) Courts generally have interpreted these provisions as operating coextensively (138) and as substantially limiting judicial review of tax cases outside of statutorily authorized refund and deficiency actions.
Governing and forms of governmental reason have assumed, coextensively with their availability, the forms of power provided by networks as a means to control the 'conduct of conduct' across multifarious domains, sites, governmental concerns and forms of delinquency.
For instance, a number of state supreme courts have interpretive rules that dictate when courts should construe state constitutional provisions coextensively with analogous federal constitutional provisions and when courts should instead diverge.
312) See Radin, supra note 307, at 1047 ("[I]t appears that retributivist systems define dignity coextensively with permissible punishment, with the result that all violations of human dignity are inherently excessive.
157) Coextensively, police officers and prosecutors received additional training on amendments to the legal code and investigative practices.