coffee maker

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also coffee maker  (kô′fē-mā′kər, kŏf′ē-)
An apparatus used to brew coffee.

cof′fee mak`er

or cof′fee•mak`er,

an apparatus for brewing coffee; coffeepot.
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: maker - a kitchen appliance for brewing coffee automaticallycoffee maker - a kitchen appliance for brewing coffee automatically
espresso maker - a coffee maker that forces live steam under pressure through dark roasted coffee grounds
kitchen appliance - a home appliance used in preparing food
Silex - a vacuum coffee maker
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According to an ASF official, security staff had asked a passenger to take out a coffee maker in his luggage for checking and recovered 1.
Handmade using the finest Baccarat crystal plus silver, copper and 24K gold, each bespoke Royal coffee maker is designed for true connoisseurs who appreciate the intricacies of temperature, flow and contact with boiling water that go into creating the perfect cup of coffee.
Bradley has told that, they have published this journal after analyzing 250+ coffee maker machines and grinders.
The COFFEEBOXX is a single-cup coffee maker that works with any K-cup compatible pod, making a fresh cup of coffee convenient and easy to transport to jobsites.
Nescafe already sells the Dolce Gusto machine which is our premium coffee maker, while Red Mug is geared toward those who normally drink soluble or instant coffee at home, Abano added.
According to Safran, people in his study, when faced with the idea of a malfunctioning coffee maker, searched for "Why will my coffee maker not turn on?
5 TASSIMO COFFEE MAKER I also bought a travel version of the Tassimo coffee maker as a good coffee is a treat in the dressing room.
3 | OX0 The cold-brew process is known for delivering smooth, low-acid coffee, and the new OXO Good Grips Cold Brew Coffee Maker is easy to use, will distribute water evenly over the coffee grounds and has an accessible on switch.
You can spend $200 or more for a coffee maker with interactive displays and the stainless construction you'd find on a pro-style range.
Summary: DUBAI - Come savour your breakfast with Bosch, Europe's number one home appliances' giant, as it unveils its premium breakfast solutions comprising toaster, kettle and coffee maker.
Mr Meagher, who took the North East Culinary Trade Association barista competition title last year, is investing in a specialist cold drip brewer coffee maker.
has introduced a new Capresso 12-cup stainless steel coffee maker with a stylish and space-saving design.