coffee mill

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coffee mill

A device for grinding roasted coffee beans.

coffee mill

(Cookery) a machine for grinding roasted coffee beans

cof′fee mill`

a small mill for grinding roasted coffee beans.

Coffee mill

A coffee grinder.
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Noun1.Coffee mill - a mill that grinds roasted coffee beanscoffee mill - a mill that grinds roasted coffee beans
milling machinery, grinder, mill - machinery that processes materials by grinding or crushing
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Runyenjes MP Erick Muchangi, Embu county Agriculture executive Ann Nyaga and Coffee Mills chairman Muriuki Maruku said most farmers' earnings go towards paying the loan they took for the construction of a coffee mill in 2014.
Where: Commercial Street, Newport THE COFFEE MILL This little venture started out as the owner's home cake business, but soon expanded into a vintage-style coffee shop.
Contract awarded for Electric coffee mill expansion construction for farmers
Peters downsized from its threestorey King Street premises last January and opened its Coffee Mill coffee shop in the former RSPCA shop in the Packhorse Centre and the department store next door.
Henceforth his business became acclaimed as the finest coffee mill maker in the country.
A BIRKENHEAD family is celebrating its rich trading history in the town with the 30th anniversary of their Coffee Mill shop, in the Pyramids Shopping Centre.
Among the list of 12th Annual Taste of Hilo participants are: AJ &Sons Catering, Aloha Mondays Catering, Anheuser-Busch Sales of Hawaii, Cafe Pesto, Hamakua Mushrooms, Dfarm, Culinary Arts Hawaii, Island Gourmet Products, Hawaiian Springs, Hilo Coffee Mill, Hilo Hawaiian Hotel, Queen's Court Restaurant, Island Naturals Market &Deli, Kuhio Grille, Millie's Deli & Snack Shop, Papaa Palaoa Bakery, Paradise Beverages, Pineapples, Island Fresh Cuisine Restaurant, Kenichi, Southern Wines, Suisan Retail Fish Market, Sweet Thunder Products/The Local Fusion Sushi, The Cherry Company, Pint Size, Seaside Restaurant, Volcano Winery and Young's Market of Hawaii.
Francis Rogers from Tonypandy uses the old coffee mill at Bracchi's cafe at Tonypandy c.
Ka'u Coffee Mill gives bean lovers a look at growing, processing, and roasting operations, with a free tour that ends with a tasting in the visitor center.
The family, which founded Peugeot in 1810 as a coffee mill manufacturer, holds a 25.
The document listed the "negro girl Melvinia" in an inventory of his property, along with nine other slaves and a miscellany of assets including two tablecloths, three pairs of curtains and a coffee mill.
PROCEDURE: Mix well powders of phase A with a coffee mill.