coffee ring

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: ring - ring-shaped coffeecake with fruits or nuts and often iced
coffee cake, coffeecake - a cake or sweet bread usually served with coffee
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produced a coffee ring utilizes PP and the company wanted to replace it with a compostable material.
Even the coffee ring is made up of coffee bean skins or "chaff" that previously used to go to waste.
At a microscopic level, this coffee ring effect can also be seen in liquids with particles of other materials such as plastic and wood
The coffee ring effect, as many know, refers to the phenomenon in which a drop of particulate-filled liquid pings onto a surface and upon settling begins to evaporate, during which all of the evenly distributed particles are ferried from the interior of the droplet to the edge.
One reads a certain edition, a specific copy, recognizable by the roughness or smoothness of the paper, by its scent, by a slight tear on page 72 and a coffee ring on the right-hand corner of the back cover" (213-214).
Companies like McDonald's, Dunkin' Donuts, Burger King and other fast food chains have thrown their hats into the premium coffee ring in an attempt to capitalize on the premium coffee success enjoyed by Starbucks and its coffeehouse counterparts.
And that realisation made this programme, if you'd already wasted 25 minutes on it, worthwhile; that it is okay to have a coffee ring on the coffee table and toothpaste cemented to the sink.
What we developed is called the Full Circle Coffee Ring, An inexpensive silicone ring that self adheres to the burner plate.
Cellulose nanofibers can help particles in ink and printed electronics disperse evenly, rather than spread apart like dried coffee rings.
Some are things that you would expect to find in a town hall -- an old wooden desk scarred from years of use or stained with coffee rings, or a well-used generic file cabinet, a little dinged, perhaps a little bowed.