coffee-table book

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cof·fee-ta·ble book

(kô′fē-tā′bəl, kŏf′ē-)
An oversize book of elaborate design that may be used for display, as on a coffee table.

coffee-table book

(Journalism & Publishing) a book designed to be looked at rather than read

cof′fee-ta`ble book`

an oversize, expensive, and usu. illustrated book suitable for displaying, as on a coffee table.
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: book - an elaborate oversize book suitable for displaying on a coffee table
book, volume - physical objects consisting of a number of pages bound together; "he used a large book as a doorstop"

coffee-table book

[ˈkɒfɪteɪblˌbʊk] Nlibro m de gran formato (bello e impresionante)
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Summary: Odisha [India], Aug 25 (ANI): Based on the applique art of Odisha, an Odisha Administrative Service (OAS) officer and writer Raja Parija have come up with a coffee-table book, titled as 'Celebrating Colours'.
They were addressing the launching ceremony of a coffee-table book 'Colors of Deosai: A Wonderland of Pakistan' by noted wildlife photographers Arif Amin and Ghulam Rasool.
KARACHI -- Folk Heritage of Pakistan, a richly illustrated coffee-table book with meaty reading stuff about all positive aspects of Pakistan, was launched on Sunday at a modest ceremony at the Arts Council of Pakistan (ACP), Karachi.
From coauthors and former Domino magazine collaborators Melanie Acevedo and Dara Caponigro, the coffee-table book portrays spaces that are utterly expressive of their owners.
The 376-page coffee-table book is divided into 10 chapters and lavishly illustrated with images by eminent photographer Neal Oshima.
Glaasker and Bosman understand that implicitly, and their coffee-table book The Art of LEGO Scale Modeling capitalizes on the magic of LEGO's appeal.
Unusual Hotels of the World is an award-winning coffee-table book featuring memorable descriptions and full-color, full-page photography of some of the most extraordinary hotels worldwide.
There's got to be an artsy coffee-table book in this after he's done drawing all over his body
In this coffee-table book filled with vivid photography, Ribelli tells the stories of people who live at 50 Main Street in each of America's states.
Summary: Rapper P Diddy has teamed up with a music industry boss and an acclaimed photographer to launch a coffee-table book.
Photographer Terry Richardson is releasing a coffee-table book called Lady Gaga in November featuring more than 350 photos of the singer taken over the course of 10 months.