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also coffee maker  (kô′fē-mā′kər, kŏf′ē-)
An apparatus used to brew coffee.
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However, rather than turning it off manually at the pot or with a smart plug, one can invest $30 in a coffeemaker that turns itself off after two hours -- after the period in which one drinks most of the coffee.
Every time we left the coffeemaker on to keep an empty pot warm, our energy bill ticked up.
Bodum's new BISTRO B.over coffeemaker automates the manual "pour over" coffee brewing method.
The new Stay or Go coffeemaker can brew two types of coffee at once, in two separate mugs.
Suites are designed for longer stays, with microwave, coffeemaker and mini-bar.
This sort of thinking brought about the clock radio and the toaster oven, and now, obviating the need for a pair of appliances side by side on the counter, Cuisinart, East Windsor, N.J., has created the Grind & Brew Thermal 10-Cup Automatic Coffeemaker, a machine as imposing as its name.
While waiting to get there, she keeps herself entertained with coffeemaker Marko and whisks him off to Rhyl for a family holiday instead.
Cumming's mundane identification with the Dutchman was noted in such subtle touches as hanging his own black T-shirt on a fabricated clothes hook and substituting his stained coffeemaker and battered transistor radio for the washbowl in van Gogh's painting.
The coffeemaker business is very strong for us, and we will have significant product launches in small electrics and home comfort products later this year.
Although the original idea came from Italy before WWII, the French perfected the design for what we now call the French press coffeemaker in the 1950s, and it remains today as the ultimate way to brew coffee.
Coffee coffeemaker. "We have a great franchise so the next logical step was to provide consumers with a coffee to enjoy in every location or occasion," explains Alejandro Pena, vice president of global marketing for Mr.