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also coffee maker  (kô′fē-mā′kər, kŏf′ē-)
An apparatus used to brew coffee.
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However, rather than turning it off manually at the pot or with a smart plug, one can invest $30 in a coffeemaker that turns itself off after two hours -- after the period in which one drinks most of the coffee.
over coffeemaker automates the manual "pour over" coffee brewing method.
The new Stay or Go coffeemaker can brew two types of coffee at once, in two separate mugs.
You're one of those people who can't get going in the morning without that first cup of coffee, so you load your coffeemaker the night before and set the timer to have it ready when you stagger out of bed.
Cumming's mundane identification with the Dutchman was noted in such subtle touches as hanging his own black T-shirt on a fabricated clothes hook and substituting his stained coffeemaker and battered transistor radio for the washbowl in van Gogh's painting.
With WMF, Groupe SEB looks to solidify its place in the professional coffeemaker market, as well as bolster its already strong cookware position.
Although the original idea came from Italy before WWII, the French perfected the design for what we now call the French press coffeemaker in the 1950s, and it remains today as the ultimate way to brew coffee.
Such filtering does not occur in a French press coffeemaker, whose plunger pushes grounds to the bottom of the pot after 5 or more minutes of brewing.
The coffeemaker business is very strong for us, and we will have significant product launches in small electrics and home comfort products later this year.