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 (kô′fər, kŏf′ər)
1. A strongbox.
2. often coffers
a. Financial resources; funds.
b. A treasury: stole money from the union coffers.
3. Architecture A decorative sunken panel in a ceiling, dome, soffit, or vault.
4. The chamber formed by a canal lock.
5. A cofferdam.
6. A floating dock.
tr.v. cof·fered, cof·fer·ing, cof·fers
1. To put in a coffer.
2. Architecture To supply (a ceiling, for example) with decorative sunken panels.

[Middle English cofre, from Old French, alteration of *cofne, from Latin cophinus, basket; see coffin.]
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(Architecture) decorated with coffers
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The space features five monumental chandeliers, marble floors and coffered ceilings.
The designers settled on a coffered ceiling as the best solution.
Now, they are all restored, as is the coffered plaster ceiling and the marble floor.
Careful scrutiny revealed an endless lacework of images in a variety of scales: pages from '60s comic books depicting models in their undergarments accompanied by designer outfits, African tribe members in ceremonial garb, Siamese-twin skeletons in an eternal embrace, a newborn catapulting from a coffered dome, nude mutants, luxurious palaces, a bomb shelter, guns, and a grenade.
But the engineers had to design a new lighting system without changing one of the building's unique features - its exposed concrete coffered ceilings.