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 (kô′fər, kŏf′ər)
1. A strongbox.
2. often coffers
a. Financial resources; funds.
b. A treasury: stole money from the union coffers.
3. Architecture A decorative sunken panel in a ceiling, dome, soffit, or vault.
4. The chamber formed by a canal lock.
5. A cofferdam.
6. A floating dock.
tr.v. cof·fered, cof·fer·ing, cof·fers
1. To put in a coffer.
2. Architecture To supply (a ceiling, for example) with decorative sunken panels.

[Middle English cofre, from Old French, alteration of *cofne, from Latin cophinus, basket; see coffin.]


(Architecture) decorated with coffers
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construction preparation, Demolition work, Fire protection upgrading of flat and coffered ceilings by shotcrete and gypsum plaster application, Small-scale masonry work, Making and closing openings in walls and ceilings, Partial services within, Or adjacent to operating areas of the building clinic.
The space features five monumental chandeliers, marble floors and coffered ceilings.
The designers settled on a coffered ceiling as the best solution.
Careful scrutiny revealed an endless lacework of images in a variety of scales: pages from '60s comic books depicting models in their undergarments accompanied by designer outfits, African tribe members in ceremonial garb, Siamese-twin skeletons in an eternal embrace, a newborn catapulting from a coffered dome, nude mutants, luxurious palaces, a bomb shelter, guns, and a grenade.