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tr.v. co·found·ed, co·found·ing, co·founds
To establish or found in concert with another or others.

co·found′er n.
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a joint founder
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Noun1.cofounder - one of a group of founders
beginner, founder, founding father, father - a person who founds or establishes some institution; "George Washington is the father of his country"
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(MCCI) President and Cofounder Edward Ling expressed his optimism in the economic growth of the Philippines.
Founded in 2015, Sagely was born after cofounder Kerrigan Behrens experienced the power of CBD firsthand when her back felt better than it had in years of chronic pain.
This developed as the company's cofounder Michael Cosiquien stepped down as director after earlier reducing his stake and resigning as company chair.
-- Jeff Brotman, cofounder of Costco Wholesale Corp.
Eliezer Yudkowsky, MIRI researcher, cofounder of MIRI (then known as SIAI)
Goldman, MD, PhD, DO; Cofounder and Chairman, American Academy of Anti- Aging Medicine; Cofounder and Chairman, World Anti-Aging Academy of Medicine
His predecessors include Apple cofounder Steve Jobs and Microsoft cofounder Bill Gates.
Cofounder and CEO Alan Swarts is an award-winning executive producer and 17-year veteran of Viacom and MTV in Japan, while Cofounder and Chief Innovator Ken Sekine (Megwin) is an iconic digital media entertainer who has been producing comedy videos since 2005.
"Jet Star Imperial is a double dose of hops, packing 90 IBUs and 8.1 percent alcohol by volume," said Mark Irvin, No-Li brew master and cofounder. "Jet Star's omnipotent hop profile salutes every American home town roller coaster: it shatters your senses and leaves an everlasting impression."
He was the cofounder and deputy chairman of the Association Droits et Libertes dans les Eglises/Rights and Freedoms in the Churches (1987) and cofounder of the European Network European Church on the Move/Reseau Europeen Eglises et Libertes (EN/RE, 1981).
Hall is also the cofounder of the Peer groups, which assist its dealer members in growing their businesses and profits, and in making better business decisions.