cog railway

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cog railway

A railway designed to operate on steep slopes and having a locomotive with a center cogwheel that engages with a cogged center rail to provide traction. Also called rack railway.

cog railway

(ˈkɒɡˌweɪ) or


(Railways) chiefly US other terms for rack railway

cog′ rail`way

a railroad having locomotives with a cogged center driving wheel engaging with a cogged rail to provide traction for climbing steeper grades.
[1895–1900, Amer.]
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Noun1.cog railway - railway for steep mountainscog railway - railway for steep mountains; a cogwheel on the locomotive engages cogs on a center rail to provide traction
railroad, railroad line, railway, railway line, railway system - line that is the commercial organization responsible for operating a system of transportation for trains that pull passengers or freight
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BERLIN: The Coos County commissioners have told the county planning board to investigate allegations that an illegal road was built up Mount Washington alongside The Cog Railway.
the wendelsteinringlinie connects in the summer season of each year on a circular line route among others bayrischzell, Sudelfeld, Oberaudorf, Flintsbach, Brannenburg, Groholzhausen, Bad feilnbach and fischbachau and ensures in particular for a meaningful networking of the railway lines between rosenheim and kufstein or between bayrischzell and holzkirchen on the one hand and the wendelstein cable car and the wendelstein cog railway on the other.
Highlights of the trip include a captain's banquet dinner, New Year's Eve champagne party, a ride on the Mt Pilatus cog railway and cable car, wine tasting in Ruedesheim, guided tours of Cologne and Koblenz including their Christmas markets, Rudesheim, Mainz, Heidelberg and Strasbourg and plenty of time to relax and get to know your fellow guests.
See some of the world's oldest steam engines on the Achensee Cog Railway
The oldest steam cog railway in Europe has been puffing up and over the mountain to the turquoise waters of the lake at Achensee for the last 128 years.
Broadmoor attractions include the Pikes Peak Cog Railway, Seven Falls and The Broadmoor Soaring Adventure.
Just forty miles beyond Hall tourists board Tyrol's first mountain cog railway which began service in 1889.
You may wish to travel on the Achenseebahn; (extra cost) the oldest steam cog railway in Europe.
It has probably earned its tag because it is possible to reach the summit not only on foot but by car or cog railway (as we did).
Linked to the Italian resort of Cervinia, there's some 360km of beautifully-maintained pistes, mountain-top hotels and restaurants reached by an efficient cog railway as a delightful alternative to cable cars and chairlifts (although they've lots of those, too), a chic and busy town with plenty of entertainment on offer after the pistes have closed .
A simpler way to take this in was on the charming Schynige Platte cog railway to the Alpine Garden.
4t, before the sections were transported to Sonnalpin midway station on a rack-and-pinion or cog railway before being lifted to site by a helicopter from Swiss airline Heliswiss.