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1. Of or relating to cogitation.
2. Inclined to or capable of cogitation.

cog′i·ta′tive·ly adv.
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1. capable of thinking
2. thoughtful
ˈcogitatively adv
ˈcogitativeness n
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(ˈkɒdʒ ɪˌteɪ tɪv)

1. meditating; contemplating: to develop one's cogitative faculty.
2. given to meditation; thoughtful.
[1375–1425; < Medieval Latin]
cog′i•ta`tive•ly, adv.
cog′i•ta`tive•ness, n.
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Adj.1.cogitative - of or relating to having capacities for cogitation; "the cogitative faculty"
2.cogitative - given to cogitation; "he looked at me with cogitative eyes"
thoughtful - exhibiting or characterized by careful thought; "a thoughtful paper"
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Of, characterized by, or disposed to thought:
Idiom: in a brown study.
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This is moreover a kind of imagination that is tempered by excellent cogitative judgment, the kind that a commander proud of his "speculative and ofhced instrument" might rather like to hear praised (1.3.267).
He discusses the concept of social world, the serious leisure perspective, and the qualities of serious pursuit; members of leisure social worlds and the activities they pursue, such as cogitative, artistic, and collecting pursuits and volunteering; their culture and communications; and the issue of the differences separating the casual and serious leisure social worlds.
Prompted by the environmental stimuli and internal drive, creative ideas, whether vague or concrete, impractical or feasible, start to germinate as signs of cogitative power.
In this vintage, when the entire humanity necessitates tolerance and patience what they should mean in their best intellectually cogitative phraseology, the things are to be addressed even more than the need of 'Inter-Faith Harmony', the indeed need of 'Inter-Human Harmony'.
Whether you love him or hate him, it isn't easy to dismiss the incontrovertible catchiness of the harmony-driven tracks in Charlie Puth's sophomore effort, 'Voicenotes'-from the infidelity-themed 'How Long,' 'LA Girls,' 'Somebody Told Me' and 'Empty Cups,' to the unabashedly cogitative 'The Way I Am' and 'Through It All.'
The cogitative skills and brain development of people who are hard of hearing are the same as those of people using oral language, with linguistic variables being the only difference [10,11].
But differences emerged in the slower, more effortful cogitative phase that followed, leading to divergent success rates in the end: 18 per cent for the mathematics students versus 6 per cent for the history students.
We are transitioning to a point where AI becomes pure intelligence that can mimic cogitative reasoning of human beings.
After distinguishing Aquinas's use of the term phantasia from Aristotle's in chapter 9, the author turns in chapter 10 to the highest of the internal senses: the cogitative power (vis cogitativa).
PROTECTIVE FUNCTION EXERCISING doesn't just build your brain, it has also been shown to protect against age-related cogitative decline.
The Gadamerian cogitative subject is aware of his throwing in a hermeneutical situation.