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This direction towards an object is commonly regarded as typical of every form of cognition, and sometimes of mental life altogether.
It is unclear what role a1A-adrenergic receptors (ARs) have on neurogenesis, cognition and mood.
The cross-sectional associations between the vitamin D intakes--whether from diet, sun exposure or drug supplements--and cognition strengthened this hypothesis, but prevented the finding of a cause and effect link.
Generally, meta-cognition comprises two main components: regulation of cognition and knowledge of cognition.
Cognition, based in Leamington Spa and London, has been appointed to provide marketing communications support for The Lightbulb Company, Redwood Telecommunication, Prolegal, Phoenix, IP Solutions and TCC Global.
Specifically, the book focuses on the biology of music cognition and brain function to answer the questions of how and why music is part of our emotional life.
The effects of "early diet on cognition and the brain 2.
of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) bring together psychologists from North America, Europe, and Australia who present, in 29 chapters, the key findings, theories, and practical applications of implicit social cognition research.
abilities, means cognition, intelligence, autonomy, learning and knowledge management capabilities of the system.
Cognition process is hence indispensable in developing trust relationships between Chinese and foreign firms.
The book's thesis at large is that Descartes develops a new account of the human mind when compared to his scholastic predecessors and, in particular, to Aquinas' theory of cognition (3).