cognitive development

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cog·ni·tive de·vel·op·ment

n. desarrollo cognitivo, cambio en el desarrollo infantil de las funciones intelectuales.
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In addition, studies have shown that reading to children can help kids become familiar with sounds, words and language, helping them in their earliest stages of cognitive development.
However, I will be quoting Xand's theory that "Getting lost is very good for cognitive development" in the future.
There are several researches about emotion, regulation and moral development (Eisenberg, 2000), development of moral emotions and moral development (Malti & Ongley, 2014), relationship between empathy and moral reasoning (Berenguer, 2010), association between empathy and moral judgment (Kalliopuska, 1983), role of empathy in social reasoning in youth (Paciello, Fida, Cerniglia, Tramontano, & Cole, 2013), However, there are very few studies that aim to investigate relationship between cognitive development and socio-emotional skills in the context of moral reasoning.
BARCELONA -- What would you predict has a greater detrimental effect on adolescent cognitive development: alcohol or cannabis use?
Following a two-hour screen time limit during childhood and adolescence is particularly important for cognitive development, showed the findings published in the journal The Lancet Child and Adolescent Health.
Advertising feature Dancing is a great activity for children to help not only with their fitness but their cognitive development and personal growth too.
Improve cognitive development in at-risk children right from birth.
Youngsters in South Asia are the worst affected by pollution that could undermine cognitive development.
A previous study has already indicated that green spaces within and surrounding schools could enhance cognitive development in children between 7 and 10 years of age.
Among the topics are the psychological roots of cognitive linguistics--and beyond; from signal to symbol to system: the emergence of language; concept, context, and extended embodiment: spatial language and cognitive development; space, time, semiosis, and cognitive artefacts: evidence from an Amazonian culture and language; and beyond subjectivism and objectivism: realism; relativism, and representation.
Breast-feeding, Andersen said, has been associated with significantly higher scores for cognitive development than formula-feeding.

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