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Of, characterized by, involving, or relating to cognition: "For the person experiencing cognitive decline, the slow loss of coherent speech will be compounded by a declining ability to draw conclusions" (Joanne Koenig Coste).

cog′ni·tive·ly adv.


in a cognitive manner
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Adv.1.cognitively - with regard to cognition; "cognitively skillful"
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After adjusting for demographics, smoking, medical comorbidities, depression, social activity, and baseline cognition, moderate alcohol consumption conferred a 37% reduction in the risk of dementia in those who were cognitively normal at baseline.
And what if the resident is not cognitively able to perform any ADL tasks--how would we code ROM then?
Cognitively disabled individual using personalized device
A NEW UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA STUDY of 84 cognitively intact seniors makes a case to include dementia in advance directives planning.
MGCA is a nonprofit organization committed to improving the lives of children who are physically challenged, cognitively delayed, underprivileged, at-risk or suffering temporary economic difficulties.
As long as people stay cognitively healthy, the researchers believe that the gray matter of areas supporting cognition might not shrink much at all.
Our study demonstrates that hypertension, a prevalent vascular risk factor in aging populations, interacts with apo E--epsilon-4 genotype to increase amyloid deposition in cognitively healthy middle-age and older adults," Dr.
Alternatively, the results could be consistent with the cognitive reserve hypothesis, in that those who are already declining aren't as resilient to neurotoxic effects of heavy alcohol use as cognitively normal older adults might be.
It could even provide an edge to attorneys arguing custody and competency cases involving cognitively impaired elderly.
Arguing from within a socioculturally-inspired framework, past notions of literacy are discussed in an effort to present strategies for second language acquisition that are cognitively focused, and socially realized through response, revision, and reflection Moreover, the traditional objective of teaching towards and attaining a monolingual-based view of literacy is examined as the practice of emergent inquiry is introduced in order to promote critical literacy in ESL and EFL students.
Whereas brains are growing most rapidly from birth to age 5, it's very important to get them at an early stage and work with them cognitively, socially and mentally.
But Diller never quite got Mondrian's metaphysical point, nor did his work have Mondrian's restraint, his determination to make less count for more, expressively and cognitively.

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