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n. pl. cog·no·mens or cog·nom·i·na (-nŏm′ə-nə)
a. A family name; a surname.
b. The third and usually last name of a citizen of ancient Rome, as Caesar in Gaius Julius Caesar.
2. A name, especially a descriptive nickname or epithet acquired through usage over a period of time.

[Latin cognōmen : co-, con-, co- (influenced by cognōscere, to know) + nōmen, name; see nō̆-men- in Indo-European roots.]

cog·nom′i·nal (-nŏm′ə-nəl) adj.


n, pl -nomens or -nomina (-ˈnɒmɪnə; -ˈnəʊ-)
(Historical Terms) (originally) an ancient Roman's third name or nickname, which later became his family name. See also agnomen, nomen, praenomen
[C19: from Latin: additional name, from co- together + nōmen name; influenced in form by cognōscere to learn]
cognominal adj
cogˈnominally adv


(kɒgˈnoʊ mən)

n., pl. -no•mens, -nom•i•na (-ˈnɒm ə nə)
1. any name, esp. a nickname or epithet.
2. the third and commonly the last name of a citizen of ancient Rome, indicating the person's house or family, as “Caesar” in “Gaius Julius Caesar.” Compare agnomen (def. 1).
3. a surname.
[1800–10; < Latin, =co- co- + nōmen name]
cog•nom′i•nal (-ˈnɒm ə nəl, -ˈnoʊ mə-) adj.


1. Ancient Rome. the third and usually last name in Roman personal names, as Caesar of Gaius Julius Caesar.
2. a surname or family name.
3. a nickname. — cognominal. adj.
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Noun1.cognomen - a familiar name for a person (often a shortened version of a person's given name)cognomen - a familiar name for a person (often a shortened version of a person's given name); "Joe's mother would not use his nickname and always called him Joseph"; "Henry's nickname was Slim"
appellation, appellative, designation, denomination - identifying word or words by which someone or something is called and classified or distinguished from others
2.cognomen - the name used to identify the members of a family (as distinguished from each member's given name)
name - a language unit by which a person or thing is known; "his name really is George Washington"; "those are two names for the same thing"
maiden name - a woman's surname before marriage


The word or words by which one is called and identified:
Slang: handle, moniker.


[kɒgˈnəʊmen] N (frm) (cognomens or cognomina (pl)) (= surname) → apellido m; (= nickname) → apodo m