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(Plants) any of the coarse tropical grasses of the genus Imperata, esp I. cylindrica and I. exaltata of the Philippines, which are used for thatching
[from Spanish cogón, from Tagalog kugon]



a tall coarse grass, Imperata cylindrica, of the tropics and subtropics, used widely for thatching.
[1895–1900; < Sp < Tagalog kugon]
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A total of 1,102 residents of Cogon Village, Irosin town, Sorsogon Province, located within Bulusan Vocano's four-kilometre permanent danger zone, were brought down to Gallanosa Bataional High School in San Pedro village of the same own, said Undersecretary Alexander Pama, also head of the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC)
Nearly a fifth of the total forested area in Vietnam was destroyed between 1962 and 1971 by programmatic US use of Agent Orange and other rainbow herbicides; bamboo and cogon grass later invaded the decimated zones, making reforestation difficult.
In recent decades, cogon grass (Imperata cylindrica) has become another serious alien threat to this grassland and other types, especially in seasonally damp swales.
She looks at the origins of Hmong and Chinese terms for animals (elephants, monkey, pangolin, river deer, thrush and tiger), plants (onion, cogon grass and tshuaj kab raus), hunting (cross bow, to shoot, to track, track/footprint), domestic animals (chicken, crest of chicken, to lay eggs, dog, duck, horse, to ride, stable/pen, pig, sheep/goat and water buffalo), non-rice agriculture (bean, buckwheat, cucumber, eggplant, soybean, sweet potato and taro), and rice agriculture (rice, chaff, cooked rice, glutinous rice, growing or unhusked rice/rice paddy, husked rice, paddy field, sickle, rice cake, rice head and rice seedling).
Records were kept by three fish buyers, one buyer at each of the three major fish landing sites (the houses of the fish buyers) on the island, in Baybay, Ubos, and Cogon villages (Fig.
In the kitchen Sue, from Coventry, de-cluttered work surfaces, bought matching pasta jars and co-ordinating vases and put a large bamboo urn with Cogon grass by I the French doors to draw the eye to a view of the garden.
In 2003, herbicides were used to control cogon grass, an invasive species that, if allowed to spread, would render the habitat unusable for the gopher tortoise.
Cogon grass is a species of perennial grass considered an invasive in the United States.
Hydro-Afrique of South Africa recently signed a BOT agreement with the government to build a 45 MW hydroelectric power dam on the river Cogon, at an estimated cost of $187m.
Investigation on some aspects of chemical ecology of cogon grass, Imperata cylindrica (L.
The panelists include national leaders representing all sectors of the health care industry including the White House, Department of Defense, Department of Veteran Affairs, Bureau of Medicine and Surgery - Department of the Navy, Agency for Health Care Administration - State of Florida, ZynxHealth, McKesson, Sacred Heart Health System, Cogon Systems, NextGen Healthcare, Baptist Health Care, AppRiver, McAfee, Cisco and Cigital.