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intr.v. co·hab·it·ed, co·hab·it·ing, co·hab·its
1. To live together in a sexual relationship, especially when not legally married.
2. To coexist, as animals of different species.

[Late Latin cohabitāre : Latin co-, co- + Latin habitāre, to dwell; see inhabit.]

co·hab′i·tant, co·hab′it·er n.
co·hab′i·ta′tion n.
co·hab′i·ta′tion·al adj.


nLebensgefährte m/-gefährtin f
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After Wayman's move was handled, she and Hubschman put their heads together and began to develop a solution that would give renters an alternative to Craigslist, or other more anonymous methods of finding a suitable cohabitant.
The form also required the applicant's Social Security number and that of their cohabitant.
Service contract for the conclusion of a group insurance policy in ambulatory health care for members of staff Vivaqua active, their partners (spouses, cohabiting) and dependent children in the household as well as for pensioners and their partners (spouse, cohabitant, widow / widower) and dependent children.
Although it may appear logical, there is a huge difference in coverage exposure to a carrier for property and liability when an insured acquires a long-term cohabitant.
coli strains isolated from cohabitant pets and humans, considering the concurrent colonization of pets, owners, and home surfaces by bacteria with the same resistance patterns and carrying the same antimicrobial-resistant genes.
Even if you've lived together for many years, your cohabitant may be left with nothing if you do not made a will.
Police will search the apartment for evidence soon while they continue to question former Aum cult member Naoko Kikuchi, 40, who was arrested Sunday over the deadly Tokyo attack after being on the run for the past 17 years, and her 41-year-old cohabitant who was also arrested Monday on suspicion of harboring Kikuchi, the report said.
Marston Hefner was accused of one count of battery on a spouse or cohabitant and one count of vandalizing a laptop computer after the February 12 meltdown.
1, Congress approved a law stating that "if the victim is or has been the spouse or cohabitant of the perpetrator or linked to him through a similar relationship, it will be considered femicide and will carry a penalty of at least 15 years.
The researchers also identified and included as covariates a set of 7 non dietary factors that are well recognised determinants of preterm delivery: maternal age, height, prepregnancy BMI, cohabitant status, parity, smoking during pregnancy and familial sociooccupational status.
He charted a very enigmatic course in life, from protege of the Turinese aristocrat Alfonso, Prince dal Pozzo della Cisterna, to pupil of Gaetano Pugnani, darling of the Parisian public, adjunct to Marie Antoinette's circle, Parisian theatre impresario, refugee in England from the French Revolution, major attraction of Salomon's London concerts, cohabitant of Margaret and William Chinnery, wine merchant, and, finally, director of the Paris Opera.
Les negociations doivent "mener a un accord, negocie entre les parties, qui mette fin a l'occupation qui a commence en 1967 et aboutisse a la constitution d'un Etat palestinien independant, democratique, viable et cohabitant dans la paix avec IsraE1/2l et ses autres voisins", a indique le Quartette dans un communique.