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intr.v. co·hab·it·ed, co·hab·it·ing, co·hab·its
1. To live together in a sexual relationship, especially when not legally married.
2. To coexist, as animals of different species.

[Late Latin cohabitāre : Latin co-, co- + Latin habitāre, to dwell; see inhabit.]

co·hab′i·tant, co·hab′it·er n.
co·hab′i·ta′tion n.
co·hab′i·ta′tion·al adj.
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nLebensgefährte m/-gefährtin f
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SILENCE THE SQUEAKS IF YOU live in an older home, chances are you have at least a few squeaking hinges and floorboards, but there's really no need to keep being woken up every time a cohabitant needs the loo in the night.
Consider the height of the shower's likely occupants - if you cohabitant is 6ft 9in and sports a mohawk, you might want a shower that's adjustable.
Consider the heights of your shower's likely occupants - if you cohabitant is 6ft 9 and sports a mohawk, you might at least want a shower that's adjustable.
It is important to note that where there is a will, a cohabitant has no legal right to raise a claim against the estate.
"This is the second most abundant cohabitant of coral on the planet and it hasn't been seen until now," said Patrick Keeling, a senior researcher.
Under the bill, foreign sex offenders will likewise not be allowed to demand entry into the country by virtue of relationship with a Filipino: whether as a parent, stepparent, adoptive parent or foster parent of a Filipino child, a common law spouse, cohabitant, or a sex partner of a Filipino child's parent.
For example, if one cohabitant dies without having made a will, the other has no automatic claim to inherit -- the estate goes to the deceased's family members, in an order of priority set out in legislation.
He contends evidence seized from his home pursuant to a warrantless entry should have been suppressed because the teenaged daughter of Ana Trinidad, Orta's cohabitant girlfriend, did not have actual or apparent authority to consent to enter his home and did not voluntarily consent.
Chhan, who entered the US as a 13-year-old as his family was fleeing the Khmer Rouge, served nearly a year in jail for the misdemeanour of inflicting corporal injury on a spouse or cohabitant, according to the governor's office.
The rest of the decline could mean that others formerly in same-sex domestic partnerships may have stopped living together, or no longer consider a same-sex cohabitant as a "partner."