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intr.v. co·hab·it·ed, co·hab·it·ing, co·hab·its
1. To live together in a sexual relationship, especially when not legally married.
2. To coexist, as animals of different species.

[Late Latin cohabitāre : Latin co-, co- + Latin habitāre, to dwell; see inhabit.]

co·hab′i·tant, co·hab′it·er n.
co·hab′i·ta′tion n.
co·hab′i·ta′tion·al adj.


nLebensgefährte m/-gefährtin f
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The rest of the decline could mean that others formerly in same-sex domestic partnerships may have stopped living together, or no longer consider a same-sex cohabitant as a "partner.
In more detail, males showed lower gratitude than females, greater education was associated to higher life satisfaction, married/ cohabitant subjects had lower level of loneliness, and unemployed subjects reported lower life satisfaction and gratitude.
The Bill also suggests that cohabitants have certain rights following the death of the other cohabitant and can enable a surviving cohabitant to make claims upon the death of the other.
The authors cover the development of cohabitation and cohabitation law in the Nordic countries, property issues in cohabitation relationships, financial settlements on termination of cohabitation, the legal position of the surviving cohabitant, and many other related issues and topics.
Continuant son bout de chemin, il a remodele les graphes monochromes ou colores, le signe autarcique, micro-dimensionnel ou celui cohabitant avec d'autres signes similaires ou extra-registres, prenant la forme de personnages juxtaposes qui paraissent s'interroger sur l'utilite de l'attente, de la faune, la flore, d'un alphabet aux sources enigmatiques.
C'est une fiction tiree de son imaginaire et puisee aussi de toutes les notes prises a travers son quotidien en cohabitant avec ses personnages.
After Wayman's move was handled, she and Hubschman put their heads together and began to develop a solution that would give renters an alternative to Craigslist, or other more anonymous methods of finding a suitable cohabitant.
The form also required the applicant's Social Security number and that of their cohabitant.
Although it may appear logical, there is a huge difference in coverage exposure to a carrier for property and liability when an insured acquires a long-term cohabitant.
Instead of discriminating the women in your households not because she is not resourceful but simply because she is a woman start treating her as your cohabitant.
coli strains isolated from cohabitant pets and humans, considering the concurrent colonization of pets, owners, and home surfaces by bacteria with the same resistance patterns and carrying the same antimicrobial-resistant genes.