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intr.v. co·hab·i·tat·ed, co·hab·i·tat·ing, co·hab··tates Informal
To cohabit.

[Back-formation from cohabitation.]
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(koʊˈhæb ɪt)

1. to live together as husband and wife, usu. without legal or religious sanction.
2. to live together in an intimate relationship.
3. to dwell with another or share the same place, as different species of animals.
[1520–30; < Late Latin cohabitāre <co- co- + habitāre to have possession, frequentative of habēre to have]
co•hab′it•ant, co•hab′it•er, n.
co•hab`i•ta′tion, n.
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and Russia send men and women to cohabitate on the moon.
A week ago, the Raiders ( were in talks with the MLB's San Francisco Giants to cohabitate in San Francisco's Oracle Park next season.
'Luka Chuppi' tells the story of a couple who decide to cohabitate before marriage and how their whole family gets involved with their idea.
It is mainly designed for petroleum tanker trucks, and there is no way containerised trucks can cohabitate with petroleum tanker trucks in the same place.
is deep-rooted in their history and contributes to building their civilization and future in complete partnership with their brethren." KAICIID is an international organization established upon the Kingdom's initiative in 2012 to express the wish of more than 1.6 billion Muslims to have dialogue, cohabitate and build peace, he said.
Izzy must cohabitate with nine other families for 10 years and agree to co-parent and love their children as though they were her own.
Smolinski's Class (9780385753702, $16.99) tells of a farm where seventeen sheep and Gus Cohabitate. There are many things Gus discovers about sheep: they have wool, they won't play games, and they live outside.
With what offering or by what form of postmodern sacrifice could we reenact the original pact on which this city was founded, in an effort to peacefully cohabitate with the spirit world and respect its command to welcome all those seeking sanctuary?
Two fiftyish single women, one from Iowa, one from the Bronx, meet and learn to cohabitate in this play one reviewer praised for its "heart and humor" in its production at last year's Humana Festival.
The requirements included having two references not related to either person certify in a written statement that they cohabitate as spouses at the same address.
In the second novel of the Black Blade series, Lila Merriweather is still getting accustomed to her place in the powerful Sinclair family as Devon's bodyguard in the town of Cloudburst Falls where monsters, mortals, and magicks cohabitate. While she has feelings for Devon, her main focus is to exact revenge on her mother's killer, Victor Draconi, head of another powerful family.