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n. pl. Ko·hens or Ko·ha·nim (kō′hä-nĭm) Judaism
A male Jew belonging to a patrilineal line claiming descent from Aaron. Kohanim served as priests in ancient Judaism, and present-day Kohanim are accorded special status in Orthodox Judaism.

[Hebrew kōhēn, priest; akin to Aramaic kāhnā and Ugaritic khn.]
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(kɒˈhɛn; kɔɪn) or


(Judaism) Judaism a member of the priestly family of the Tribe of Levi, descended from Aaron, who has certain ritual privileges in the synagogue service
[from Hebrew, literally: priest]
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There was a Jewish trader called Cohen, who had come by one of Strickland's pictures in a singular way.
The case involving Commerce started in 2005 when the Cohens and Blue Hill Chiropractic sued Commerce and two other insurers, saying the insurers owed them money for treating people injured in automobile accidents.
A judge dismissed the Cohens' and Blue Hill Chiropractic's claims in 2008, according to a court record.
Freeman and Rodriguez had "bad faith arguments," which were insufficient as a matter of law to prevent the Cohens and Med Pro from settling the Cohens' medical malpractice claim against the doctors.
Freeman in suing to stop the settlement from being implemented, which resulted in the Cohens' being subjected to an undue and unnecessary delay in receiving the settlement funds they agreed to as a settlement on his behalf in accordance with paragraph 7 of the policy.
The hotel, where VIP guests have included Luciano Pavarotti, Nigel Kennedy and, more recently, Hollywood legend Harrison Ford and his partner Calista Flockhart, star of Ally McBeal, was bought by the Cohens in March 2003.
Responding to claims by the Cohens that it was she who instigated conversations with sexual undertones, she said: ``That is completely untrue.
Agency, danger, fear, negotiation, friendship, love, self-fashioning and role playing, spiritual aspirations and conflicting moral codes all interrelate with pots, pans, houses, food, clothing, disease, life cycles, time and space, as well as the classic issues of class, gender and power, both governmental and informal--a complex tapestry, and a fascinating one, that the Cohens do a fine job of making clear and multifaceted at the same time.
The everyday world the Cohens portray and explain with its intricate negotiations and strategies; its unfamiliar dangers and its many techniques for survival, building solidarities and security; not to mention its competitions for power and status; or its ways of playing and finding pleasure, offers students an opportunity to rethink their (and our) hubris about living richer, more complex lives at the end of history.
In late 1994 the Lehrman family broke its over 60-year alliance with the Cohens and Giant, selling its interest in the company to Sainsbury.
chairman and chief executive officer Israel Cohen died of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (a form of cancer), he opened the door for speculation about the supermarket and food/drug combination store operator's future.