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 (kō-hîr′əns, -hĕr′-)
1. The quality or state of cohering, especially a logical, orderly, and aesthetically consistent relationship of parts.
2. Physics The property of being coherent, as of waves.


(kəʊˈhɪərəns) or


1. logical or natural connection or consistency
2. another word for cohesion1


(koʊˈhɪər əns, -ˈhɛr-)

also co•her′en•cy,

1. the act or state of cohering; cohesion.
2. logical interconnection.
3. congruity; consistency.
4. Physics, Optics. (of waves) the state of being coherent.
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Noun1.coherence - the state of cohering or sticking together
connectedness, connection, link - the state of being connected; "the connection between church and state is inescapable"
consistency - logical coherence and accordance with the facts; "a rambling argument that lacked any consistency"
continuity - uninterrupted connection or union
incoherence, incoherency - lack of cohesion or clarity or organization
2.coherence - logical and orderly and consistent relation of parts
comprehensibility, understandability - the quality of comprehensible language or thought


noun consistency, rationality, concordance, consonance, congruity, union, agreement, connection, unity, correspondence the political structure which can lend coherence to a global enterprise


Logical agreement among parts:
تماسُك، ترابُط
logická súvislosť


[kəʊˈhɪərəns] Ncoherencia f


[kəʊˈhɪərəns] n
[book, composition] → cohérence f
[plan, action] → cohérence f
[person] → cohérence f


(lit)Kohärenz f
(of community)Zusammenhalt m; (of essay, symphony etc)Geschlossenheit f; (of argument, reasoning, style)Kohärenz f; his speech lacked coherenceseiner Rede (dat)fehlte der Zusammenhang
(fig: = comprehensibility) after five whiskies he lacked coherencenach fünf Whiskys gab er nur noch unzusammenhängendes Zeug von sich


[kəʊˈhɪərəns] ncoerenza


(kəˈhiərənt) adjective
clear and logical. He was able to give a coherent account of what had happened.
coˈherently adverb
coˈherence noun


1. n. coherencia, cohesión;
2. coherencia, referencia a cualquier grupo designado, seguido o copiado por un período de tiempo, tal como en un estudio epidemiológico.
References in classic literature ?
Grose listened with dumb emotion; she forbore to ask me what this meaning might be; so that, presently, to put the thing with some coherence and with the mere aid of her presence to my own mind, I went on: "That he's an injury to the others."
And now, before I take up my tale, I want to anticipate the doubting Thomases of psychology, who are prone to scoff, and who would otherwise surely say that the coherence of my dreams is due to overstudy and the subconscious projection of my knowledge of evolution into my dreams.
To give my story coherence I should describe the progress of their tragic union, but I know nothing of the three months during which they lived together.
Only senseless things, lacking coherence, presented themselves one after another to Prince Andrew's mind.
After this, it seemed to Katharine that the book became a wild dance of will-o'-the-wisps, without form or continuity, without coherence even, or any attempt to make a narrative.
He would then put down his pencil and stare in front of him, and wonder in what respects the world was different-- it had, perhaps, more solidity, more coherence, more importance, greater depth.
Casaubon had often dwelt on some explanation or questionable detail of which Dorothea did not see the bearing; but such imperfect coherence seemed due to the brokenness of their intercourse, and, supported by her faith in their future, she had listened with fervid patience to a recitation of possible arguments to be brought against Mr.
The definition of truth as the correspondence between beliefs and facts seems peculiarly evident in the case of memory, as against not only the pragmatist definition but also the idealist definition by means of coherence. These considerations, however, are taking us away from psychology, to which we must now return.
In five minutes more, the talk which he still kept up with me, failed in coherence. He held steadily to the subject of the Diamond; but he ceased to complete his sentences.
Her deceased mother had established the business, and on that parent's demise she had appropriated a secret capital of fifteen shillings to establishing herself in it; the existence of such capital in a pillow being the last intelligible confidential communication made to her by the departed, before succumbing to dropsical conditions of snuff and gin, incompatible equally with coherence and existence.
especially as they will be done for by then from their own lack of coherence if not your higher standard of luxury.
Madmen are of some nation, and their language, however incoherent in its words, has always the coherence of syllabification.