coherent light

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co`her´ent light

n.1.(Physics, Optics) Light in which the phases of all electromagnetic waves at each point on a line normal to the direction of the the beam are identical. Coherent light is usually monochromatic, and the most common source of such light for practical uses is from a laser.
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Semiconductor lasers are primarily diodes which produces coherent light through the process of stimulated emission suing a semiconductor gain as a medium.
They cover from coherent singular optics to correlation optics, edge diffraction/dislocation waves, spatial correlation phase singularities in partially coherent light fields, vector singularities in partially polarized light fields, phase singularities in polychromic (white light) fields, a survey of crystal singular optics, and applications of correlation singular optics.
"A laser beam emitted from the laser light source is scattered on a skin surface of a wrist of a person, and a speckle pattern formed by scattering of coherent light is detected by the detector and then recorded.
Scientists hope the experiment with the Linac Coherent Light Source at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center near Palo Alto, California, will help them understand water.
The device called the Linac Coherent Light Source at the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory near Palo Alto, California, shot intense and ultra short X-ray pulses at a jet of water.
The refractive index of coherent light is different in different media because of which the optical path difference varies, leading to the movement of interference fringes [13, 14].
But they then borrowed the carrier concept and a laser from the radar research; the laser was a much better source of the coherent light needed for holography, and the oblique exposure added depth to the image.
But the potential is for on-chip coherent light sources, such as lasers, that are extremely small and ultrafast.
Later, in the 1990s, Claudio Pellegrini and collaborators proposed to extend free-electron lasers to the X-ray regime--a hugely ambitious concept that was ultimately proven with the construction of the Linac Coherent Light Source (LCLS) by the U.S.
Of final interest is that this energy uncertainty is intricately tied to the fact that the absorption took place due to a coherent light source.
The diameter that is almost coherently illuminated ([D.sub.coh]) is changed from 6.2 [micron]m for panel A to 115 [micron]m for panel E, see figure caption for the other parameters; panel F is the reconstructed image as the hologram is recorded with a completely coherent light source.

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