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1. The act, process, or condition of cohering: exhibited strong cohesion in the family unit.
2. Physics The intermolecular attraction by which the elements of a body are held together.
3. Botany The congenital union of parts of the same kind, such as a calyx of five united sepals.

[From Latin cohaesus, past participle of cohaerēre, to cling together; see cohere.]

co·he′sive (-sĭv, -zĭv) adj.
co·he′sive·ly adv.
co·he′sive·ness n.


adv (Sci) → kohäsiv; (fig) write, argueim Zusammenhang
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Talking about challenges being faced by Pakistan, COAS while quoting Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah said that 'no power can undo Pakistan and for this purpose the nation and its state institutions shall continue to cohesively perform in best interest of the country'.
The Rainbow Venues are working cohesively with West Midlands Police and local authorities to further enhance our operations.
As a result of the dedication, professionalism and outstanding work ethic of our Japanese workforce and assigned military personnel, working cohesively with Aviation Support Detachment Misawa, the team received the Blue "E" Award for the sixth year in a row," said Onejeme.
The poems eventually move from despair towards self-acceptance, but do not build cohesively.
International lawyers have, in the main, not remained content simply to defend the reality of international law as a rhetorical practice or specialized form of political discourse, argues Collins, but have attempted to defend its reality as an autonomous system of rules capable of cohesively regulating international relations and pre-empting the political freedom of states.
The required candidate will have the enthusiasm, coaching ability and vision to improve all aspects of the team and be able to work cohesively with the current management structure.
The focus is to stop smuggling by prosecuting smugglers and dismantling transnational criminal organizations and agents are working diligently and cohesively with interagency partners to apply multi-directional pressure on those seeking to do us harm.
The cabinet was also briefed on pilgrimage services provision for those visiting the holy mosques during the holy month of Ramadan and efforts by various government bodies to ensure that plans are fulfilled cohesively.
He added that Kucinskis is also excelling at making Latvia's coalition government to work cohesively.
KARACHI -- Administrator Karachi Saqib Ahmed Soomro has emphasised upon all municipal bodies to work jointly and cohesively with all available machinery and manpower for the ongoing cleanliness campaign in the city.
The Challenger incident is a textbook case of 'Groupthink', where there is a lot of pressure on a team to make the right decision, and maintain harmony in order to work cohesively as a group.
All of these, but cohesively in order to finish the people involved in trying to ruin our beloved planet.