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Noun1.coin collecting - the collection and study of money (and coins in particular)coin collecting - the collection and study of money (and coins in particular)
assembling, collecting, aggregation, collection - the act of gathering something together
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PETER Duffell's hobby certainly makes an impression - and it's a cut above stamp and coin collecting.
If you are a grandparent who shares your coin collecting hobby with your grandchild or grandchildren, and you want to share your story with The London Mint Office, you can contact Scott Wilson-Evans at or call 0330 024 1001.
I hope that we can inspire children into studying the art, science, history, and economics that make coin collecting so much fun," says Rob Oberth, organizer of the Great American Coin Hunt and President of Roundtable Trading.
During the renaissance, it was a popular hobby among the more privileged classes, including kings and queens, and by the 18th century, in addition to coin collecting, the study of currency, known as numismatics, emerged as an academic discipline.
Six hundred is a tiny, tiny amount in the world of coin collecting and so these coins are changing hands for upwards of PS800.
The premier American publisher in coin collecting once more updates its compendium of detailed information that was first published in 1946 (with a 1947 cover date).
A Guide Book of the United States Mint: Colonial, State, Private, Territorial, and Federal Coining Facilities is the 23rd volume in the Bowers Series on coin collecting, and provides collectors with an in-depth survey of the history of the Philadelphia Mint and its branches, plus different private and government mints.
| Zone 6: Coins and collecting - discover more about coin collecting, a hobby which captivates people of all ages.
Synopsis: In "Collecting Coins in Retirement", a professional numismatist and an award-winning developer of software for coin collectors, Tom Bilotta reveals that coin collecting during retirement poses special challenges and offers unique opportunities.