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1. Occurring as or resulting from coincidence.
2. Happening or existing at the same time.

co·in′ci·den′tal·ly, co·in′ci·dent′ly adv.


in a coincident manner
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Adv.1.coincidently - happening at the same time
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I did not fully understand what she meant, nor am I sure that I do yet, for I have never been to that part of Pellucidar from which the Dead World is visible; but Perry says that it is the moon of Pellucidar--a tiny planet within a planet--and that it revolves around the earth's axis coincidently with the earth, and thus is always above the same spot within Pellucidar.
However, he is back to a mark of 60 - 2lb lower than when last successful, coincidently at this course.
Coincidently, the rattle-snake has 13 rattles on it's tail, which was the same number as the 13 colonies that started America.
Coincidently, Valencia was also seeded second in 2003.
Coincidently, some publishers report text ads deliver higher CTRs (click-through rates) than image-based ads.
Coincidently, a director of an industrial noise reduction company, Ian Murray, 47, lives in the same road with wife Kerry.
Rob Grant, who coincidently had also worked with Cloutier, had a piece of unfinished music that he thought might appeal to JC.
Coincidently, back in 1988, Rangers finished behind champions Celtic and Hearts.
So, those crusts aren't ``wasted,'' but are usually consumed by hungry mommies, with whom, coincidently, the crusts do go to waist.
Another major element of the Cesky Telecom upgrade was renumbering of the whole telecommunication network at Czech Republic that was coincidently in process at the final stage of Comverse system implementation.
Gail got someone from her personal banking unit, who coincidently lived just two streets away from Ian - and they set up an appointment," he added.
Coincidently, it turned out this production manager lived down the street from the Marvel Comics offices.