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 (koi′təs, kō′ĭ-təs, kō-ē′-)
Sexual union between a male and a female involving insertion of the penis into the vagina.

[Latin, from past participle of coīre, to copulate : co-, co- + īre, to go, come; see ei- in Indo-European roots.]

coit′al adj.
coit′al·ly adv.
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in the manner of coitus
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Being coitally transmitted, it primarily affects external genitalia but may metastasize to nasal cavity skin, eyes, liver and other body organs.
Still another study found that, compared to a control group, women with neurotic disorders, schizophrenia and anorexia nervosa were less likely to be coitally orgasmic (Raboch, 1986).
"Health care professionals may be more likely to offer LARC to adolescents who report not using condoms or using them infrequently, as LARC methods are particularly well suited for adolescents who have difficulty adhering to coitally dependent methods," Ms.
They felt that daily pills could be taken or used more easily than vaginal gel (coitally dependent), as sex was difficult to predict, but had concerns around swallowing pills and the impact on urine smell.
The Kitchen Court recognized that different-sex couples "may be naturally procreative," (36) which presumably meant that many of those couples can reproduce coitally. However, a separate question was whether the right to marry was predicated on the ability or, perhaps, the willingness to reproduce coitally or even to have children in the household at all.
The attributes of optimal biomedical HIV prevention include: a high level of efficacy; suitability for women and men; effective for both anal and vaginal exposure; high protection achieved by a single or small number of doses; dosing not coitally dependent; low cost; and stability at room temperature (20).
Sample Simple Pessary Selection Guide Based on a Woman's Planned Coital Activity and Introital Integrity Introital Integrity Introital Laxity Present Present Sexual Activity Ring * Cube Planned Oval Lever Pessary * Inflatable Donut Acoital Donut Gellhom Cube Note: If stress incontinence increases or continues with pessary use, an incontinence pessary can be used, * but coitally active women will need to be able to do self-care.
Additionally, coitally activated areas in the brainstem induced an increase in tyrosine hydroxylase mRNA expression, which remained for 60 minutes postcoitus, further supporting a role of catecholamines in sexual activity (Caba et al.
The moral right of the coitally infertile to reproduce is based on the same desire for offspring that the coitally fertile have.
Safety and acceptibiity of daily and coitally dependent use of 1% tenofovir over six months of use [Abstract BO12-655].