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n. Slang
A heavy user of cocaine.


(Recreational Drugs) slang a person who takes cocaine regularly



n. Slang.
a cocaine addict.
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That and the absurd hypocrisy of Sophie Anderton, a former cokehead and prostitute who actually said: "I want to walk out with my integrity intact.
Mehrotra's heroine not only battles her inner demons, she also sorts out the life of her cokehead cousin, who works as a designer's assistant.
As for said individual narratives: Nick's horrible boss is sociopath-leaning-toward-psychopath Dave (Kevin Spacey); Kurt's is Bobby (Colin Farrell), the aggressive loser cokehead son of the newly deceased company owner; and, most improbable of all, Dale's boss is one-note blackmailing nympho dentist Julia (Jennifer Aniston), the last character a misogynist male fantasy so thoroughly beyond the pale of everyday existence that it could only have been concocted by Hollywood screenwriters.
Horrible Bosses (15) Three put upon employees conspire to murder their bosses - bully Kevin Spacey, cokehead Colin Farrell and nymphomaniac Jennifer Aniston - with the help of a supposed hit man.
So, as a nation of Mr and Mrs Track E Bottoms, fuelled by a liquid diet of ultra-cheap, super strong, supermarket-sold, brain destroying, dementia juice, dance the Hokey Cokehead, vital parts of our community life are being boarded up and left to rot.
Part of their endeavours to emulate talentless, foulmouthed, cokehead "celebrities" I suppose.
Right from the heart-stopping opening, and all the way to its cheer-provoking climax, it compels you to read on like a cokehead greedy for line after line after line.
Meanwhile, PQ leader Andre Boisclair is gay, a former cokehead and holds views on the economic potential of Quebec that senior Liberal federalist Stephane Dion describes as "puerile.
Vince, portrayed by Hawke in an electrifying performance as a hyperactive cokehead prone to violent mood swings who's carried a well-dissembled grudge against his best friend, has saved up his vengeance for the evening before Jon, an aspiring filmmaker, will present his first real film in the Lansing Film Festival.
The opening cut starts with some what at first seems to be some vague noodling, then slowly segues into the recognizable melody of "I Heard It through the Grapevine," a song most of us associate with the late Marvin Gaye (one of the saddest stories ever--the beautiful man who helped many of us get through the war years becomes a cokehead and is shot to death by his father, a minister), although Marvin did not write it.
Doesn't matter if I'm playing a cokehead or a psychopath, someone will say, it's just Ross as a psychopath.