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coke 1

The solid residue of impure carbon obtained from bituminous coal and other carbonaceous materials after removal of volatile material by destructive distillation. It is used as a fuel and in making steel.
tr. & intr.v. coked, cok·ing, cokes
To convert or be converted into coke.

[Perhaps from Middle English colk, core.]

coke 2

 (kōk) Slang
tr.v. coked, cok·ing, cokes
To affect or intoxicate with cocaine.


A trademark for a soft drink. See tonic.
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References in classic literature ?
"Stevens on Stowage" is a portly volume with the renown and weight (in its own world) of Coke on Littleton.
The former measured all actions by the unalterable rule of right, and the eternal fitness of things; the latter decided all matters by authority; but in doing this, he always used the scriptures and their commentators, as the lawyer doth his Coke upon Lyttleton, where the comment is of equal authority with the text.
For, though bred a lawyer, and accustomed to speak of Bacon, Coke, Noye, and Finch, as his professional associates, the exigenties of this new country had transformed Governor Bellingham into a soldier, as well as a statesman and ruler.
With regard to food, their favorite dishes are coke and cat's meat.
Large pans, some of them cracked and more of them broken; empty boxes bound with iron, of the same sort as those I had seen the workmen bringing in at the front gate; old coal sacks; a packing-case full of coke; and a huge, cracked, mouldy blacksmith's bellows--these were the principal objects that I observed in the lumber-room.
"Mordecai Smith" was printed across it in large letters, and, underneath, "Boats to hire by the hour or day." A second inscription above the door informed us that a steam launch was kept,--a statement which was confirmed by a great pile of coke upon the jetty.
'Miss Sally will teach him law, the delightful study of the law,' said Quilp; 'she'll be his guide, his friend, his companion, his Blackstone, his Coke upon Littleton, his Young Lawyer's Best Companion.'
In the rusty skeleton of a grate, pinched at the middle as if poverty had gripped it, a red coke fire burns low.
The selection of coking coals plays a key role in the production of high-quality metallurgical cokes. Coals must be of suitable chemical, physical and technological properties that determine the quality of produced coke (Leonard et al., 1996; Van Krevelen, 1993).
Smith contextualises his study by exploring Cokes own professional history, using this to illustrate some of the complexities and tensions in the common law, and to illuminate how in the late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries various old legal processes were adopted, adapted, resisted, and re-envisaged across that broad period.
For arriving at its rating, CRISIL has combined the financial risk profiles of AKJ Minerals Ltd, SKJ Coke Industries Ltd, Jagati Cokes P Ltd, Lords Chemicals Ltd (LCL), Sri Balaji Coke Industries, Jupiter Coke Industries, Jai Coke Industries, Kamrup Coke Industries, Sethi Coke Industries, Raj Coke Industries, Parasnath Coke Industries, Ganesh Metcoke Industries, Shiva Coke Industries, and Sheo Shakti Coke Industries.