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also Col·by cheese  (kōl′bē)
A semihard, yellow, cow's milk cheese that has a mild flavor and moist texture.

[After Colby, the village in north-central Wisconsin where it was developed in 1874.]


(Cookery) (sometimes not capital) NZ a type of mild-tasting hard cheese


(ˈkoʊl bi)

a mild cheese similar to cheddar but softer and more open in texture.
[1940–45; appar. after a proper name]
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Four years ago, Mel, of Thornaby, carried her first son full-term, only for Colby to be stillborn after his cord became entangled around his neck.
SPRINGFIELD - One moment, Springfield resident Jennifer Colby, her son, Carson, and her friend's daughter, Dakota Grider, were wading in the Willamette River about a quarter-mile downstream from the Clearwater Park boat launch, not far from a partially submerged tree stump.
NATIONAL Trust volunteers and working holiday groups can sleep easy on the Colby Estate following the restoration of Little Craig-y-Borion, a derelict farmhouse converted into an accommodation and conservation base.
Colby and Dziegielewski present readers with the fourth edition of their comprehensive introduction to professional social work.
Colby Ramos-Francis was born with a heart-shaped growth over his eyelid.
ClickPress, Fri Nov 21 2014] Global Markets Direct's, 'Colby Pharmaceutical Company - Product Pipeline Review - 2014', provides an overview of the Colby Pharmaceutical Company's pharmaceutical research and development focus.
Colby Fairchild practices Real Estate in the City of Charleston, SC and surrounding areas.
Colby is the high school football star being recruited by top ivy league schools who secretly wants to stop playing football and study bridges.
Dave Colby, chief economist for CUNA Mutual Group, will retire July 11 after 37 years, the company said June 16.
We are very concerned that this is very, very big," said Scott Colby, executive vice president of the New Hampshire Medical Society.
This is a startling book, most of all for its hugely productive treatment of what is, to speak broadly of the US imperial project in Central America, a tight-packed vein of scholarship-and not least for the gentle rigour and humane voice exhibited by author Jason Colby.