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also Col·by cheese  (kōl′bē)
A semihard, yellow, cow's milk cheese that has a mild flavor and moist texture.

[After Colby, the village in north-central Wisconsin where it was developed in 1874.]


(Cookery) (sometimes not capital) NZ a type of mild-tasting hard cheese


(ˈkoʊl bi)

a mild cheese similar to cheddar but softer and more open in texture.
[1940–45; appar. after a proper name]
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But creating a sightline from the front of the store was only part of the reason the towels and shower curtains traded places, said Sandra Colby, who was recently named senior vice president and general merchandise manager.
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The cool thing about being in a small shop rather than in a big-box store is that it's easier to communicate with your customers to make sure they are getting what they want or need," said Chad Colby, sales manager at Hart Brothers Weaponry-South, located in Mason City, Iowa.
TURNBULL Colby Put Your arms around him Lord and kiss his little face, He is a very special grandson who can never be replaced.
17, creating a circuit split when it found that the risk of relapsing back into an addiction constitutes a current disability in Colby v.
The Disenchantments," an all-girl rock trio, and Colby, the boy-with-the-band roadie, hit the highway for an end-of-summer tour from San Francisco to Portland.
FORMER Top of the Pops dance troupe Pan's People were reuniting today at a memorial service for their co-founder, Flick Colby.