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An Irish dish of mashed potatoes mixed with cabbage or kale and often other vegetables, seasoned with butter.

[Irish Gaelic cál ceannan : cál, cabbage (from Old Irish, from Latin caulis) + ceannan, white-headed (ceann, head, from Old Irish cenn; see pendragon + fionn, white, from Old Irish find; see weid- in Indo-European roots).]


(kəlˈkænən; ˈkɒlˌkænən)
(Cookery) a dish, originating in Ireland, of potatoes and cabbage or other greens boiled and mashed together
[C18: from Irish Gaelic cál ceannann, literally: white-headed cabbage]


(kəlˈkæn ən, ˈkɔl kæn-)

an Irish dish of boiled potatoes and cabbage or kale mashed together with milk or butter.
[1765–75; < Irish cál ceannann literally white-headed cabbage]
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Options currently on the menu include pan-seared lamb with Colcannon and honey glazed carrots, as well as pan-seared scallops and the dish, guinea fowl supreme.
From Wednesday, passengers will get pretzels with a welcome drink then a four-course main meal with a starter and a main such as chicken casserole with ale sauce, colcannon mash and seasonal vegetables, accompanied by a bread roll and bottle of water.
Once they are settled in, they will be served a four-course meal such as a starter of couscous salad, followed by a main course of chicken casserole with an ale sauce, colcannon mash and seasonal vegetables, or a vegetarian tomato, farfalle and vegetable dish.
Expect traditional music, fair and the best party atmosphere, along with traditional Irish food, including Irish stew, colcannon, plus more.
95 and served in the lounge or Henry Webb restaurant To start: | |Soup of the day with homemade bread | Pork belly, colcannon, apple and fennel sauce | Garlic and thyme mushrooms, toasted homemade bread Mains: | |Chicken breast, fondant potato, seasonal veg, curried lime and ginger dressing | King prawns, taglietelle pasta, parmesan and sweet chilli sauce | Butternut squash, smoked cheddar and chilli pie, seasonal veg and peppercorn sauce.
He added: "What I decided to do with the menu was have an Irish side of what we would have had growing up, for example fish on a Friday with colcannon.
All you need is a good blob of mash (I'm going for colcannon here) and some greens, and you have the perfect cold-weather recipe.
My wife chose slow roasted pork belly with crispy crackling, red cabbage and colcannon mash.
From which country does colcannon, a dish made from mashed potato and cabbage, originate?
We ve already launched meal accompaniments such as Creamy Colcannon, Parmentier Potatoes and Honey and Mustard Parsnip created by the talented and experienced team in our innovation centre which works closely with customers on the development of meals with outstanding taste.
Enjoy potato leek soup, home-style Irish stew, colcannon, Irish soda bread and bread pudding.
Colcannon is one from Ireland, for which all you need is cabbage or kale, some potatoes, and the dairy element that gives it richness and makes meat unnecessary.