Cold abscess

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an abscess of slow formation, unattended with the pain and heat characteristic of ordinary abscesses, and lasting for years without exhibiting any tendency towards healing; a chronic abscess.
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1% and 34 patients presented with cold abscess (19.
A case of cervical and mediastinal lymph nodes tuberculosis, tuberculous pleurisy, spinal caries and cold abscess in the anterior chest wall.
We present a diabetic patient who initially reported a small cystic swelling on lower orbital margin which on exploration came out to be a subperiosteal cold abscess.
Tubercular cold abscess is a form of extrapulmonary tuberculosis that is responsible for a significant morbidity and mortality.
This study was carried out to evaluate the role of Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology (FNAC) for the diagnosis of Tuberculosis and to estimate the frequency of its presentation as cold abscess in lower Sindh.
The most common presentation of tuberculous lymphadenitis is neck swelling, followed by fever, cold abscess, non-healing ulcer, discharging sinus and weight loss.
The abscess may be relatively painless like cold abscess and this was an important clue which made us suspect mycobacterial infection.
A cold abscess refers to a collection of pus that is not accompanied by other signs of acute septic inflammation.
Complete resection is mandatory for tubercular cold abscess of the chest wall.