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Noun1.cold cereal - a cereal that is not heated before servingcold cereal - a cereal that is not heated before serving
cereal - a breakfast food prepared from grain
granola - cereal made of especially rolled oats with dried fruits and nuts and honey or brown sugar
raisin bran - bran flakes with raisins
corn flake - crisp flake made from corn
bran flake - wheat flake including the bran
wheatflake - crisp flake made from wheat
puffed rice - puffy rice kernels
puffed wheat - puffy wheat berries
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The food items these app-couponing families consume more often skew toward such child-friendly staples as eggs, cold cereal, bacon, sausages, macaroni and cheese, soup, and fruit juice.
Volume Support w/ Merch Paper Towels 237% 54.0% +16.5 Toilet Tissue 217% 52.9% +7.7 SS Seafood 200% 42.5% +10.8 Frankfurters 169% 51.6% (6.0) Breakfast Meats 166% 53.8% (13.1) Shortening & Oil 164% 43.1% +3.5 Cold Cereal 159% 48.7% (5.0) Laundry Detergent 155% 53.1% +9.1 Spaghetti/Italian 154% 47.1% +11.7 Sauce Chocolate Candy 150% 65.3% (2.3) Source: SymphonyIRI InfoScan Review [TM]; 52 weeks ending 11/27/2011 Note: Table made from bar graph.
(One serving = 1 slice of bread, 1 large pancake, 1 cup cold cereal, or 1/2 cup cooked cereal, rice, pasta, bulgur, wheat berries, kasha, or millet.
Which means that grab-and-go food or, for most Americans, cold cereal is the quick-and-easy choice.
For example, sales of cold cereal for the 52 weeks ended March 22 rose 15.3% in drug stores, compared with just 3.1% in the total mass market, according to Information Resources Inc.
If you're health-conscious, too busy to cook breakfast, and tired of cold cereal or toast, Swanson's and Weight Watchers are out to get you.
The pantry recently updated its locations, which are: the Old Town Hall, Berlin Recycle Center's "Take It or Leave It'' shed, Market Basket, at Highland Commons, and The Growing Room, on River Road West.Requested items include: canned vegetables and fruit, baked beans, soups, tuna, rice, pasta, canned chicken, pasta, spaghetti sauce, peanut butter, jelly, tomato products, macaroni and cheese, hot and cold cereal, toilet tissue, paper towels, Kleenex, crackers and snacks, personal care items, toothpaste, soap, deodorant, disposable razors, etc.
In the second, "variety seeking" mode, consumers are actively browsing shelves for new tastes as well as interesting product innovations, often while shopping for frozen food, cold cereal, biscuits, salad dressings and chewing gum.
When fall rolls around and it's back to school and work, wouldn't you love to start your day with something tastier and more substantial than that all-too-typical bowl of cold cereal? It's just so boring day after day.
Among them is Smart Start, which the company claims is the first nationally available cold cereal to contain ingredients that may help lower both blood pressure and cholesterol.
For example, frozen juice, diapers, cold cereal, baby food and peanut butter all experienced reductions ranging from 21.5% to 18.4%.
The $5 billion cold cereal market posted sales gains of 11 percent in 1986 (the last year for which figures are available).