cold spell

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Noun1.cold spell - a spell of cold weather
while, spell, patch, piece - a period of indeterminate length (usually short) marked by some action or condition; "he was here for a little while"; "I need to rest for a piece"; "a spell of good weather"; "a patch of bad weather"
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Then suddenly I came to myself (though that was the only time during the evening's play when fear cast its cold spell over me, and showed itself in a trembling of the hands and knees).
This was one day, and the cold spell lasted for fourteen of them.
This metric R is then used to assess the climatological effect of RRWPs on cold and hot spell durations, by including it as a covariate in a Weibull regression model fitted to November-April cold spell durations and May-October hot spell durations at each grid point between 20[degrees]N and 70[degrees]N.
'At the same time, the ongoing cold wave conditions are likely to persist during next one week and people should not expect relief from the prevailing cold spell', experts opined.
The current cold spell was due to continue today, with temperatures sinking as low as -9C (16F) in parts of northern Scotland yesterday, while in the South conditions hovered a few degrees above freezing.
(TAP) - Short-term aid (food, heating equipment and fuels) for poor families in the Kef region affected by the cold spell will concern five rural areas in this governorate, said Minister of Local Affairs and Environment Mokhtar Hammami.
Summary: Cold spell expected to last several days in northern regions
Summary: Dumka (Jharkhand) [India], Dec 18 (ANI): A 40-year-old para-teacher, who was protesting outside a state minister's residence in Dumka, died on Monday night after allegedly falling victim to the cold spell.
KARACHI -- The city witnessed chilly day on Saturday amid the ongoing cold spell of the current winter season when the mercury fell to 12.5 degrees Celsius, a meteorological department official said.
With a frightfully cold spell expected to last until mid-November, bookies have slashed the odds for snow on October 31.
And soon after the rains ended, a cold spell set in various parts of the country starting June and is still there to date.
The firm raked in PS165.8million in their generation and supply arm, with the cold spell earlier this year forcing households to use more gas.