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or cold′cock′,

v.t. Slang.
to knock (someone) unconscious.
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Rice, as I'm sure you recall because the video has been broadcast one zillion times, cold-cocked his now-wife in a casino elevator.
Our days shaped by unseen movement in the landscape, cold-cocked by brightness coming over a hill, wild & steady as a runagate palomino spooked by something in the trees unsaid.
However, before the coverall-clad Holmes could get anywhere near The Big Cod, he was cold-cocked with a mug from behind by Hillier's diminutive wife Joyce.
The guy's always getting cold-cocked, embarrassed, easily misled.
I did not want to get in the middle of it and get cold-cocked.
And yet, what an odd response, given that a few pages earlier Hunt himself had cold-cocked a man who dared to call him "nigger" to his face.
When I initiated a pedal turn to port, Murphy's Law cold-cocked us.
Product liability reform legislation, which President Clinton cold-cocked in May, is almost certain to resurface on Capitol Hill next year.
Forward Milan Lucic sat out again and remains day-to-day with a suspected jaw injury after being cold-cocked by Anaheim's Mike Brown last week.
And one day, he had to give the actor some bad news, and the guy turned around and cold-cocked him right in the mouth.
Roger Mayweather leaped into the ring and incited a full-scale brawl near the end of the 10th round after Judah hit Floyd Mayweather low in the groin and then cold-cocked him with a rabbit punch behind the head as he was hunched over in pain.
One local talk radio host actually claimed Sheffield was cold-cocked by the fan.