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Verb1.cold-cream - put cold cream on one's face
apply, put on - apply to a surface; "She applied paint to the back of the house"; "Put on make-up!"
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Now pull the bits of silk often, and cold-cream your ears every night, and you'll soon be ready for the rings," said Ariadne, well pleased with her job, for the girl who spoke French with "a fine accent" lay flat upon the sofa, looking as exhausted as if she had had both ears cut off.
The death knell for the fabric hanky was in America where facial tissues were marketed as cold-cream removers.
2 Use a permanent marker to label each of 4 cups with the following: "Cold-Cream of Tartar," "Cold-Baking Soda," "Cold-Mixture," and "Cold-Baking Powder." Pour 118 ml (1/2 cup) of cold water into each of the 4 cups.