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 (kō′lē-ŏp′tĭl, kŏl′ē-)
A protective sheath enclosing the shoot tip and embryonic leaves of grasses.

[From New Latin coleoptilum : Greek koleon, sheath; see kel- in Indo-European roots + Greek ptilon, plume; see pet- in Indo-European roots.]
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(Botany) a protective sheath around the plumule in grasses
[C19: from New Latin coleoptilum, from Greek koleon sheath + ptilon down, soft plumage]
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(ˌkoʊ liˈɒp tɪl, ˌkɒl i-)

(in grasses) the first leaf above the ground, forming a sheath around the stem tip.
[1865–70; < New Latin coleoptilum < Greek koleó(n) sheath + ptílon soft feathers]
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While in pots, coleoptile appearance above the sand was scored as seedling emergence.
In sagittal view, the plumule is ensheathed and covered by the coleoptile, a protective leafy structure which appears to have two lips, the 'upper' or left coleoptile lip, on the adaxial side of the plumule axis, is closer to the scutellum, and a 'lower' or right lip, on its abaxial side is closer to the root primordium (Figs.
TABLE 4: Mean values of germination, speed of germination, hypocotyl/ coleoptile length, and radicle length obtained from two colors (orange and red) of 12 matrices of paricarana seeds, collected in Boa Vista and Amajari, Roraima state, 2014.
According to data analysis, significant differences were observed between treatments (Table 1 and 2), except for panicle length (PL), coleoptile length (CL) and radicle length (RL).
1974: S (sowing); CE (coleoptile emergency); i (inoculation); B (boot); ED (early dough grain); R (ripening); WUS (wheat unburied stubble); dates corresponding to each activity and growth stage in the field.
Berg on the elongation of wheat coleoptile and to test the phytotoxicity of ethyl acetate extract on the germination, growth and size of the metaxylem cells of sesame seedlings.
The results presented in the figures for Vitron variety showed that the coleoptile recent seed is more developed with a maximum length of 169.22 mm , and older seed three years have the lowest long with 110.88 mm.
Radicle and coleoptile lengths were measured (10 seeds per dish) three days after germination.
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