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(French kɔliɲi) or


(Biography) Gaspard de (ɡaspar də), Seigneur de Châtillon. 1519–72, French Huguenot leader


(kɔ liˈnyi)

Gaspard de, 1519–72, French admiral and Huguenot leader.
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She had formerly been suspected of an intimacy of too tender a nature with Coligny, who, for her sake, had been killed in a duel, in the Place Royale, by the Duc de Guise.
Contract notice: multi-technical and multi-service property management of the coligny administrative city in orlans
Whereas the atlas of 1555/6 is dedicated to Admiral Coligny and through him to the King, the planisphere of 1566 is dedicated to Pierre de Coutes, a fellow navigator.
The selection of Guanabara Bay to construct the Henriville and Coligny fortresses along with Tupi's established settlements takes in to account information made available by French navigators (Mariz and Provencal, 2015: 84-91).
No podia faltar el comentario a la Epistola de San Pablo (Rom 13), una curiosa carta al Almirante Coligny, un personaje convertido a la Reforma, interlocutor con el que Calvino muestra algunos detalles autobiograficos, y el Sermon sobre un pasaje del Genesis.
The resort incorporates island culture in all of its 202 rooms and is within walking distance of more than 100 shops, restaurants and activities at Coligny Plaza as well as championship golf courses, bike paths and the sandy beach
Regarded as one of Hilton Head Island's most sought-after locations, South Forest Beach occupies a one mile beachfront stretch between the thriving Coligny District and Sea Pines Plantation.
Instead, a large-scale bloodbath ensued when French Catholics brutally murdered Gaspard de Coligny, leader of the Protestant Huguenots.
In the context of post-Tridentine France, Jane Couchman's chapter, 'Models for Women in the Letters of Huguenot Noblewomen 1560-1620,' which focuses on the letters of Eleonore de Roye, Catherine de Bourbon, Charlotte de Bourbon, and Louise de Coligny, reveals the degree to which an adherence to Calvinist models of women's behavior allowed for a careful navigation between obedience and agency both within these writers' families and the larger political arena.
The French witnessed an abundance of political killings, including the slaying of Francis, Duke of Guise in 1563 by a Huguenot, the Guise-backed slaughter of Admiral Coligny in 1572, the fatal stabbing of King Henri III by a Dominican friar in 1589, and the killing of Henri IV in 1610, after several earlier attempts on his life.
Aprecia que Crouzet no haya caido en el error de creer que la masacre de San Bartolome fue el ultimo recurso para impedir que el almirante Coligny arrastrara a Francia a la guerra.
It is a letter written in 1561 to Gaspard de Coligny, the French admiral (and also a Protestant).