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These hoes are relative newcomers to the garden scene, and include the scuffle hoe, colinear hoe, diamond hoe and -- one of my favorites -- the winged weeder.
Of the 170 assemblies, 129 clustered into 16 groups of [greater than or equal to] 2 colinear genomes (lacking observable rearrangement or deletion >1,500 bp), whereas 41 assemblies (singletons) exhibited unique structures not shared with any others in the dataset.
Penalized regression methods (including LASSO, elastic nets, and ridge regression) tackle issues related to many possibly colinear covariates by shrinking the coefficients of some variables toward (or to exactly) zero (Friedman, Hastie, and Tibshirani 2001).
The transfusion volume (units transfused) was correlated with operative time (r = 0.529, p = 0.002) indicating that the two variables were colinear.
Then ([p.sub.v-1], [q.sub.v-1]), ([t.sub.l], l), and ([p.sub.v], [q.sub.v]) are colinear points in the first quadrant of the plane, and [[lambda].sub.v] (resp., [[eta].sub.v]) is the intercept of q-axis (resp., p-axis) of this line.
P4 by a genome-wide two-dimensional colinear display with other Rhodococcus species in Figure 8(a) (whereas there was a significant association with Rhodococcus jostii RHA1 reduced collinearity, as shown in Figures 8(B), 8(C), and 8(b)).
The other two axes were perpendicular to the anterior-posterior axis (i.e., the symmetry axis of the platform) respecting the Earth's gravitational direction, that is, the superior-inferior axis was colinear with the direction of gravity.
The previous equation explicitly shows that if the three starting points in a curve are colinear, generated Bezier curve will have zero curvature at its starting point (k(t = 0) = 0); this can be extended to the three ending points due to symmetry.
Given that anthropometric variables were colinear, only BMI was used in the regression models to make results comparable to existing anthropometry literature.
We begin this section by noticing that the block vector [V.sub.m+1] appearing in (3.12) is generally not colinear with C, and thus, the eigenvalues of the matrix [H.sub.m] do not necessarily coincide with the mr chosen scalars [{[[mu].sub.k}.sub.k] = 1,...,mr.
This implies that the distributions of education expectations of parents and student peers are not random with respect to ethnic origin; they are to some extent colinear.