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1. Collinear.
2. Genetics
a. Characterized by correspondence between the linear sequence of nucleotides in a gene and the linear sequence of amino acids in the protein coded for by that gene.
b. Characterized by correspondence between the linear sequence of genes in a chromosome and another spatial or temporal sequence, such as the order of expression of the genes.

co·lin′e·ar′i·ty (-ăr′ĭ-tē) n.


the state of being arranged in the same linear sequence
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Because a high correlation was noted between duck and chicken densities at the county level, and to reduce colinearity and to facilitate the interpretation of the results, we combined these variables to give a poultry density layer (chickens + ducks/[km.
Age and sex life expectancy had significant colinearity (Spearman's index 0.
17 for all variables, characterizing the existence of severe colinearity (Montgomery & Peck, 1981).
4, and the VIF is in all variables clearly below 10 and following Belsley's criteria, condition index indicates no colinearity.
According to the results, tolerance and VIF values are at an optimal range, indicating that there is no multiple colinearity between predicting (independent) variables; therefore, it can be stated that the procrastination level of a person can be predicted based on the scores of lifestyle.
Measurements of location of body fat: An assessment of colinearity with body mass, adiposity and stature in female adolescents.
Dysmorphic osseous characteristics include colinearity of the upper portion of the sacrum and the iliac crests, noncircular anterior sacral foramina, residual upper sacral discs, etc.
2) One of the assumptions of the multiple regression model is the lack of colinearity.
However, in this model, VIF is greater than 5 for almost all the predictors (except diastolic blood pressure) showing that there is problem concerning the predictors' colinearity.
Insignificant value, also proving problems with colinearity, is devoted to the number of customers in years 2010 (Q24-2010) and 2011 (Q24-2011).