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1. Collinear.
2. Genetics
a. Characterized by correspondence between the linear sequence of nucleotides in a gene and the linear sequence of amino acids in the protein coded for by that gene.
b. Characterized by correspondence between the linear sequence of genes in a chromosome and another spatial or temporal sequence, such as the order of expression of the genes.

co·lin′e·ar′i·ty (-ăr′ĭ-tē) n.
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the state of being arranged in the same linear sequence
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The nutrient pattern approach is complementary to analyses using individual nutrients, which are limited by biologic interactions and colinearity among nutrients.
* Concentricity--departure from colinearity of axes of two features in a PCB, for example, with a bonded heat sink.
Two well-known problems facing the epidemiologic analysis of mixtures are confounding by coexposures and colinearity (Braun et al.
Correlation analyses revealed a significant positive association between SE and SFCT in the whole population (r = 0.270, P = 0.003), but the predictor was not significant in the final multiple regression model due to the colinearity between axial length and refractive error.
Although we obtain the above linear form, [x.sup.t.sub.i,j] - [([x.sup.t.sub.i,j]).sup.2], -[x.sup.t.sub.i,j][y.sup.t.sub.i,j], and [[nabla].sup.2][x.sup.t.sub.i,j] (or [y.sup.t.sub.i,j] - [([y.sup.t.sub.i,j]).sup.2], - [x.sup.t.sub.i,j][y.sup.t.sub.i,j], and [[nabla].sup.2][y.sup.t.sub.i,j]) will possess serious colinearity, which will result in the fact that many traditional parameter identification methods, proposed in the past, just like least squaremethod, maximum likelihood method, etc., are not effective.
Because a high correlation was noted between duck and chicken densities at the county level, and to reduce colinearity and to facilitate the interpretation of the results, we combined these variables to give a poultry density layer (chickens + ducks/[km.sup.2]) and the chicken-to-duck ratio (chicken density/duck density).
Age and sex life expectancy had significant colinearity (Spearman's index 0.794).
The multicollinearity analysis revealed that the evaluated correlations presented a number of variance inflation factors (VIF) above 10 and a condition number (CN) of 1471.17 for all variables, characterizing the existence of severe colinearity (Montgomery & Peck, 1981).
The major strength of this study relies on the fact that we respect the criteria for LCA and that data fitted very well in the model without colinearity between noninvasive tests (2LC model).
According to Table 3, if the tolerance value for a specific variable is equal to 0/01 or less and/or VIF value is above 10, there will be a multiple colinearity. According to the results, tolerance and VIF values are at an optimal range, indicating that there is no multiple colinearity between predicting (independent) variables; therefore, it can be stated that the procrastination level of a person can be predicted based on the scores of lifestyle.