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also col·os·se·um  (kŏl′ĭ-sē′əm)
A large amphitheater for public sports events, entertainment, or assemblies.

[Medieval Latin Colisēum, an amphitheater in Rome, Italy, variant of Latin Colossēum, from neuter of colossēus, gigantic, from colossus, huge statue; see colossus.]


(ˌkɒlɪˈsɪəm) or


(Architecture) a large building, such as a stadium or theatre, used for entertainments, sports, etc
[C18: from Medieval Latin Colisseum, variant of Colosseum]


(ˌkɒl ɪˈsi əm)

1. a stadium, large theater, or other special building for sporting events, exhibitions, etc.
[1700–10; < Medieval Latin Colisseum; see Colosseum]
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Noun1.coliseum - an oval large stadium with tiers of seatscoliseum - an oval large stadium with tiers of seats; an arena in which contests and spectacles are held
sports stadium, stadium, arena, bowl - a large structure for open-air sports or entertainments
vomitory - an entrance to an amphitheater or stadium


[ˌkɒlɪˈsiːəm] NColiseo m


nKolosseum nt
References in classic literature ?
About us the vast circular coliseum was packed to its full capacity.
A sullen murmur rose louder and louder about the packed coliseum, and then Kantos Kan, who had not left the platform since first he had taken his place near me, raised his hand for silence.
From every quarter of the coliseum swords flashed and men rushed threateningly upon the Zodangans.
They will counterfeit a fly, or a high-toned bug, or the ruined Coliseum, within the cramped circle of a breastpin, and do it so deftly and so neatly that any man might think a master painted it.
Two windows opened on to the deck, and the light beating through them when the ship was roasted on the Amazons had turned the prints on the opposite wall to a faint yellow colour, so that "The Coliseum" was scarcely to be distinguished from Queen Alexandra playing with her Spaniels.
She was tempted to spend the first instalment of her freedom in some dissipation; in the pit of the Coliseum, for example, since they were now passing the door.
The Dodgers themselves prospered when they moved from the Coliseum to Dodger Stadium in 1962, increasing their season attendance by more than 900,000 the first year.
The revenue department said in order for the Coliseum Entertainment Megaplex to emerge from Chapter 11 or be put up for sale, all taxes must be paid first.
And during that last-minute registration rush at the beginning of each semester, the university had for years distributed refunds via paper check during the Coliseum event, requiring significant staff time, added expense, and limited options for students.
Coliseum say the 1,000-capacity venue, with more than 100 screens displaying sports from all over the world, will create 60 jobs.
Tickets may be purchased by calling (800) GO-BEAVS, logging on to or stopping by the Gill Coliseum ticket office.
It's 4:30 p.m., time to head out for the coliseum. Bow Wow says, "I hope those coming up in the industry can see past the whole Bow Wow thing.