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One that collaborates with an enemy occupation force.

col·lab′o·ra′tion·ism n.


an act of cooperating with an invader of one’s country. — collaborationist, n.
See also: Treason
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Noun1.collaborationism - act of cooperating traitorously with an enemy that is occupying your country
cooperation - joint operation or action; "their cooperation with us was essential for the success of our mission"
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His involvement in this and similar state-commissioned projects had led to him being accused of collaborationism.
Stalin and his regime considered the various "external" diasporas (those that had their roots beyond the borders of the USSR) to be threatening, a potential source of espionage or collaborationism.
The French left rallied behind the Gaullist, conservative Chirac to oppose the xenophobic heir of Vichy collaborationism.
Charges flew, of collaborationism and selling out; almost no one was willing to face the idea that these terms simply didn't apply to a system where even the opposition newspapers, TV channels, and radio stations were on an indirect hook (the independent TV Rain lost nearly all its advertisers at a snap of Kremlin fingers).
Literature refers homosexual practices in this male population in compulsory confinement and sexually transmitted diseases including syphilis; a great consume of opium, not replaced by alcohol or coca; hopelessness; resistance and revolt attitudes; suicides; homicides; group revolts and collaborationism during the Pacific War.
No historian or political analyst is needed to tell the audience that the same colonial mentality and collaborationism of the best and brightest, the regionalist attitudes the ruling classes promoted, the weak and incompetent leadership, and the corruption and opportunism of leaders - all of which led to Luna's martyrdom and the defeat of the revolution - still haunt the nation today.
In one of the two camps, such research was considered to be a sign of conformism and collaborationism with the corrupt regime, while the other camp viewed such an endeavor as ideological subversion for the sake of enemies across the ocean.
The only problem with my theory of me being the love child of Maurice Chevalier is that in 1944, a year before my birth, when the allies freed France, Chevalier was accused of collaborationism.
64) The union label, still tied to what many may understand as class collaborationism, here emphasizes a deeply rooted, even biblical injunction to the entire working class, united in solidarity, to improve its collective position in life.
Secondly, the political phenomena of collaborationism and conformism in Estonia during the Soviet annexation period were marked by an ideological pressure from the Communist Party.
Marc Dambre's essay on the genesis and content of Pierre Drieu la Rochelle's early volume of poetry, Interrogations, not only reflects on the writer's First World War combat experiences and his discovery of his primary vocation as a novelist, but also addresses how the writer's reaction to the war helped propel him toward fascism and collaborationism during World War II.
Collaborationism and the Yokohama Chinese (1937-1945)," Journal of Asian Studies 72: 3 (August): 587-909.

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