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1. Any of a class of extracellular proteins that are composed of three coiled polypeptide chains, form strong fibers, and are the main constituents of cartilage, bone, and other connective tissues in animals.
2. Material composed principally of collagen proteins. Collagen is converted into gelatin when boiled in water.

[Greek kolla, glue + -gen.]

col′la·gen′ic (-jĕn′ĭk), col·lag′e·nous (kə-lăj′ə-nəs) adj.
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Adj.1.collagenous - relating to or consisting of collagen
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A histopathologic examination revealed dense collagenous tissue with occasional benign fibroblasts and inflammatory infiltrates in the biopsy specimen (Figure 3).
Demirkoparan said, "To our knowledge, we are the only ones creating a simulation of cervical collagenous tissue in Qatar, and I think our research can contribute a lot to this area of investigation."
The connective tissue in humans, rats and mice is introduced and surrounds each glandular structure, being represented mainly by limited collagenous tissue available in irregular bundles at the level of the intercalated and striated ducts and more abundant collagenous tissue at the excretory level, accompanied by fibroblasts among the fibers (Fig.
His method uses a femtosecond oscillator to alter biochemical and biomechanical properties of collagenous tissue without causing cellular damage and tissue disruption.
It showed mature adipose tissues arranged in lobules with intervening septae of vascularised collagenous tissue (Fig.
* Healthy collagenous tissue without polymorphonuclear infiltration.
Despite its size, the tumor only invaded the subepithelial connective tissue of the bulbar conjunctiva, but not the dense collagenous tissue of the sclera.
Masson's trichrome staining showed pale blue- colored cartilage formation (arrow) in the experimental group (a) and only collagenous tissue in subepithelial region of the control group (b).
The effect of maintained or repeated loading on the collagenous tissue during the time has an important role in the pathogenesis of musculoskeletal disorders (Sbenghe, 1981).
The lesions range up to 20 cm, showing a histologic mixture of heavy, dense bands of collagenous tissue dissected by fat and abnormal elastic fibers (figure 1).
The methods for extraction of collagen from broiler chicken feet waste consisted of the following steps: sample collection & preparation, removing non collagenous tissue, solubilizing collagen, centrifuging and precipitating collagen, concentration measurement and characterizations of collagen.